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Department of Global and Community Health

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The Department of Global and Community Health (GCH) is a department within the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS). The educational mission of GCH is to provide undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates in health-related disciplines centered in global and community health issues. Its research mission is to promote and develop solid and meaningful research programs that help define and address health issues and the needs of affected populations at the regional and global level. Its service mission is to increase the awareness of these problems, enhance health-promoting information, and collaborate with other organizations toward enhancing local, national, and global health.

Department of Health Administration and Policy

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The mission of the Department of Health Administration and Policy (HAP) is to provide innovative education and research that contributes to improving health and human systems and the quality of life and health for those they serve across the life span. The Department prepares working professionals and those who aspire to careers in health systems and organizations to work as administrators, health technology officers, data security managers, and health policy analysts.

The research and scholarly activities of the department contribute to basic and applied knowledge about the organization, management, financing and performance of U.S. health systems and public health services, the development and management of health information systems and the development and analysis of US health policy to foster innovation, public accountability and contribute to ensuring access to cost effective, high quality health services and evidenced based health policy. The Department works with consumers, stakeholders, students, faculty, alumni, research funders, and the community to ensure rigorous, relevant educational programs (including post-graduate professional development), service activities, and the development and timely dissemination of research.

School of Nursing

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The School of Nursing is a teaching/learning organization with a national and international academic reputation, grounded in sound general education. It develops and supports a diverse faculty who are visionary and competent practitioners, scholars, and researchers, excellent in teaching in academic and practice settings, and responsive to the needs of students and the community. Specifically, the Nursing programs prepare graduates to function as providers, coordinators, and managers of care and for leadership, advanced practice, and nurse scholar roles, as well as members of the nursing profession. Graduates of the School of Nursing are prepared to function as interdisciplinary health professionals and citizens who provide leadership, care, and service to the community. The School promotes health and well being through its programs and centers, engaging in scholarly activities and research with the aim of maximum health for all people.

Department of Nutrition and Food Studies

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The Department of Nutrition and Food Studies offers graduate and undergraduate programs in nutrition/dietetics, public health nutrition, food studies and culinary arts. Programs of research will build on existing faculty work in childhood obesity, maternal and child health, and vulnerable, underserved and disadvantaged groups.

Department of Rehabilitation Science

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Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that seeks to understand the relationships among chronic illness, function, and disability and how to improve the quality of life for those individuals who live with a chronic condition. This field draws its body of knowledge from multiple disciplines spanning the physiological, health, and social sciences in order to approach the individual who lives with or is at risk of disability as a complete person with a full appreciation of the biopsychosocial environment in which that person functions.

Department of Social Work

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The mission of the BSW Program is to prepare entry level generalist social work professionals who will demonstrate ethical leadership in innovative multidisciplinary practice, social reform, and research in diverse communities. Students will be provided with a range of opportunities to develop a broad knowledge and skills base consistent with the systems and strengths perspectives. They are expected to practice using core social work values and to examine and resolve ethical dilemmas. Classroom and field experiences prepare students to be competent in the use of relevant new technologies and in culturally sensitive generalist social work practice.

The MSW Program seeks to prepare social workers for advanced professional practice who are innovative leaders bringing superior management, interpersonal, technological, research, and communication skills to the human service delivery system. Through a concentration in either social change or clinical practice, graduates will be prepared to empower individuals, strengthen families and communities, stimulate positive change through advocacy, social and political action, and help meet the local, national, and global challenges of the new century. The MSW Program builds upon a foundation of generalist social work knowledge and skills that integrates micro and macro theory and practice, and emphasizes empowerment and systems transformation. This foundation equips students to enhance human well-being and to promote social and economic justice through ethical professional practice with culturally diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.