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Photo Name Title Email Phone
Sonya Almond Sonya Almond Term Instructor 703-993-4309
No picture available Amanda Baer Curriculum and Scheduling Coordinator 703-993-2108
Heibatollah Baghi Heibatollah Baghi Associate Professor 703-993-4677
Valerie Bartush Valerie Bartush Academic Student Advisor 703-993-1964
No picture available Kelly Benedicto Information Specialist, Office of Student Affairs 703-993-1901
Stephen Brown Stephen Brown Term Assistant Professor 703-993-5147
Amy Burke Amy Burke Term Instructor Clinical Placement Coordinator, School of Nursing 703-993-1935
No picture available Shannon Burke Administrative Assistant, School of Nursing 703-993-1961
John Cantiello John Cantiello Term Assistant Professor 703-993-1731
Andrew Carle Andrew J. Carle Term Assistant Professor Executive-in-Residence Director, Program in Senior Housing Administration 703-993-9131
Lisa Chin Lisa Chin Term Assistant Research Professor Chief Laboratory Officer 703-993-1939
Carol Cleaveland Carol Cleaveland Associate Professor 703-993-2597
John Collins John P. Collins Assistant Research Professor 703-993-3409
No picture available Christine Coussens Associate Dean, Community Engagement 703-993-3485
M. Kay Cresci M. Kay Cresci Term Associate Professor 703-993-1932
Alison Evans Cuellar Alison Evans Cuellar Associate Professor 703-993-5048
Valerie Cuffee Valerie Cuffee Term Instructor 703-993-2024
Michele Davidson Michele Davidson Associate Professor 703-993-1924
Molly Davis Molly Davis Term Associate Professor Co-Director of Field Education (Interim), Department of Social Work 703-993-2028
Lilian de Jonge Lilian de Jonge Term Assistant Professor 703-993-5153
Kathleen Dickman Kathleen Dickman Term Research Assistant Professor 703-993-1941
Charlene Douglas Charlene Douglas Commonwealth Associate Professor 703-993-1937
Susan Eckis Susan Eckis Office Manager, School of Nursing 703-993-1938
No picture available Connie Evashwick Affiliate Research Professor n/a
Cara Frankenfeld Cara Frankenfeld Assistant Professor 703-993-1911
Nancy Freeborne Nancy Freeborne Term Assistant Professor Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Department of Global and Community Health 703-993-3578
Kathleen Gaffney Kathleen F. Gaffney Professor 703-993-9854
Sina Gallo Sina Gallo Assistant Professor 703-993-5814
Victoria Garrison Victoria Garrison Physician and Term Assistant Professor 703-993-2831
Whitney Gaston Whitney Gaston Director of Admissions and Advising 703-993-4621
N. Lynn Gerber Naomi Lynn Gerber University Professor 703-993-1940
Constance Gewa Constance Gewa Associate Professor 703-993-2173
Phan Giang Phan Giang Associate Professor 703-993-4226
Brian Gillette Brian Gillette Director, Advising and Student Affairs, Department of Global and Community Health 703-993-4636
Gilbert Gimm Gilbert Gimm Associate Professor 703-993-9165
Andrew Guccione Andrew Guccione Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Science Professor 703-993-4650
Terri Ann Guingab Terri Ann Guingab Instructional Designer 703-993-1912
No picture available Jhumka Gupta Assitant Professor 703-993-1985
Stacey Hardy Stacey Hardy Associate Professor Co-Director of Field Education (Interim), Department of Social Work 703-993-4245
Angelina Harman Angelina Harman Assistant Professor 703-993-9659
No picture available Jordana Harshman Academic Advisor 703-993-5275
Barbara Hatcher Barbara Hatcher Term Associate Professor 703-993-1945
No picture available Joanne Hawk Administrative Office Specialist III 703-993-8896
Lorens Helmchen Lorens A. Helmchen Associate Professor 703-993-9734
Tim Henderson Tim Henderson Term Instructor 703-993-1850
Jeffrey Herrick Jeffrey E. Herrick Assistant Professor Director, Undergraduate Education in Rehabilitation Science 703-993-1263
Keith Howell Keith Howell Associate Dean for Research and Program Evaluation Professor 703-993-9633
Joanne Iannitto Joanne Iannitto Term Assistant Professor 703-993-7046
Emily Ihara Emily Ihara Associate Professor Director, Undergraduate Social Work Program 703-993-2023
No picture available Megumi Inoue Assistant Professor 703-993-2737
Kathryn Jacobsen Kathryn H. Jacobsen Associate Professor 703-993-9168
Lisa Joyner Lisa R. Joyner Director of Budget and Administration 703-993-1928
No picture available Christine Kania Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean 703-993-5197
No picture available Emily Kasper Student Advisor 703-993-9494
Sandy Kellerhals Sandy Kellerhals Office Manager, Office of Community Engagement 703-993-2120
Nancy Kelly Nancy Kelly Term Assistant Professor 703-993-2963
Randall Keyser Randall E. Keyser Associate Professor 703-993-9708
No picture available Vannary Khov Office Manager, Department of Social Work 703-993-2030
Vicki Kirsch Vicki Kirsch Term Assistant Professor 703-993-6028
Panagiota Kitsantas Panagiota Kitsantas Associate Professor 703-993-9164
Mary Klein Mary Klein Development Assistant, Office of Development 703-993-6004
Marie Kodadek Marie Kodadek Term Assistant Professor 703-993-2964
Dayna Kuhar Dayna Kuhar Director of Development 703-993-8640
No picture available Ashley Lambert Senior Assistant to the Dean, College of Health and Human Services 703-993-1918
JoAnn Lee JoAnn Lee Assistant Professor 703-993-8411
Janice Lee-Beverly Janice Lee-Beverly Education Specialist 703-993-1947
Lisa Lindley Lisa Lindley Associate Professor 703-993-1936
PJ Maddox PJ Maddox Chair, Department of Health Administration and Policy Professor 703-993-1982
Sorina Madison Sorina V. Madison Term Instructor 703-993-8571
R. Kevin Mallinson R. Kevin Mallinson Assistant Dean, Doctoral Division Associate Professor 703-993-1941
Holly Matto Holly Matto Associate Professor 703-993-6107
Rebecca McGill Rebecca McGill Recruiting and Admissions Advisor 703-993-5054
James Metcalf James A. Metcalf Professor 703-993-2070
Bev Middle Beverly Middle Term Instructor 703-993-1905
Margaret Miklancie Margaret A. Miklancie Term Assistant Professor 703-993-1927
Renee Milligan Renee Milligan Term Professor 703-993-5035
Hua Min Hua Min Assistant Professor 703-993-5648
Len Nichols Len Nichols Director, Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics Professor 703-993-1978
No picture available Cheryl Oetjen Term Assistant Professor 703-993-1954
Kyeung-Mi Oh Kyeung Mi Oh Associate Professor 703-993-4550
Corrie Paeglow Corrie Paeglow Term Assistant Professor 703-993-3342
Lisa Pawloski Lisa R. Pawloski Chair, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies Professor 703-993-4628
Lora Peppard Lora Peppard Term Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner 703-993-5154
Martin Perlin Martin S. Perlin Term Associate Professor Section Chief, Programs in Healthcare Administration Coordinator, program in Executive Management 703-993-1967
Gabrielle Petrick Gabriella Petrick Associate Professor 703-993-6105
Anna Pollack Anna Pollack Assistant Professor 703-993-6161
Laura Poms Laura Poms Term Assistant Professor Adjunct Faculty Coordinator, Department of Global and Community Health Coordinator, Public Health Minor 703-993-9853
Tom Prohaska Thomas Prohaska Dean, College of Health and Human Services 703-993-1918
No picture available Kathy Prudden Term Instructor 703-993-4246
Kathy Richards Kathy Richards University Professor 703-993-1962
Dennis Ritchie Dennis Ritchie Professor Director, MSW Program 703-993-1951
Margaret Rodan Margaret Rodan Associate Professor 703-993-1727
Sunny Harris Rome Sunny Harris Rome Professor 703-993-2072
Steven Rose Steven Rose Professor 703-993-4204
Joshua Rosenberger Joshua Rosenberger Assistant Professor 703-993-1923
Brett Say Brett Say Department Program Coordinator, Department of Rehabilitation Science 703-993-1950
No picture available Katherine Scafide Assistant Professor 703-993-3595
No picture available Pam Scanlon Graduate Admissions Processor n/a
Maureen Schafer Maureen Schafer Term Assistant Professor Science Case Fellow 703-993-1952
Jay Shiver John (Jay) Shiver Term Instructor Coordinator of Undergraduate Students, Department of Health Administration and Policy 703-993-1955
No picture available Harvinder Singh Graduate Admissions Specialist, Office of Student Affairs 703-993-1736
Margaret Slavin Margaret Slavin Assistant Professor NUTR 295 Coordinator 703-993-6106
Florence Smoczynski Florence Smoczynski Term Assistant Professor 703-993-1917
No picture available Ana Stoehr Term Instructor 703-993-4428
Carrie Sutter Caroline Sutter Assistant Dean, Master's Division Term Assistant Professor 703-993-1957
Rebecca Sutter Rebecca Sutter Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Division Term Assistant Professor 703-993-3611
Susan Swett Susan J. Swett Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs 703-993-2423
Kalahn Taylor-Clark Kalahn Taylor-Clark Term Assistant Professor 703-993-9833
Kevin Terry Kevin Terry Assistant Professor 703-993-1903
Cathy Tompkins Catherine Tompkins Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies Associate Professor 703-993-2838
No picture available Pat Tope Office Manager, Office of Student Affairs 703-993-1914
No picture available Cheryl Toulouse Assistant Professor 703-993-3573
Laura Cordisco Tsai Laura Cordisco Tsai Assistant Professor 703-993-7017
Carol Urban Carol Urban Associate Dean, CHHS Director, School of Nursing Term Associate Professor 703-993-2991
Caroline Valentino Caroline Valentino Grants Manager 703-993-9631
Robert Weiler Robert M. Weiler Chair, Department of Global and Community Health Professor 703-993-1920
Ali Weinstein Ali A. Weinstein Interim Director, Center for Study of Chronic Illness and Disability Associate Professor Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of Global and Community Health 703-993-9632
No picture available L. Allan Weiss Office Manager, Department of Global and Community Health 703-993-3126
Rosemarie Westberg Rosemarie Westberg Term Instructor Graduate Clinical Placement Coordinator, School of Nursing 703-993-1971
Frank Whittington Frank Whittington Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs Professor of Gerontology 703-993-1913
Odette Willis Odette Willis Term Assistant Professor 703-993-4661
Joseph Wilson Joseph Wilson Office Manager, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies 703-993-9709
Patrice Winter Patrice Winter Term Assistant Professor 703-993-5036
Janusz Wojtusiak Janusz Wojtusiak Director, Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics Associate Professor Coordinator, Health Informatics Program 703-993-4148
Michael Wolf-Branigin Michael Wolf-Branigin Chair, Department of Social Work Associate Professor 703-993-4229
Tony Yang Tony Yang Associate Professor 703-993-9733