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Health Informatics

Health informatics is an interdisciplinary field that concerns collection, processing and use of health data, information and knowledge.

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"As a graduate of both the HAP masters and undergraduate program, I can truly say I owe my success to the department. The curriculum is challenging within a learning environment that has high expectations. The teaching methods inspire students through interactive and rich learning environments and experiences."

Katherine Irvin,
MS ‘12, BS ‘09
Security and Data Analyst
CVP Corporation

2012 Graduate Informatics Student of the Year


About Health Informatics

Health Informatics (HI) professionals and researchers manage and interpret health data, information and knowledge through information technology and computational tools, bringing together the worlds of healthcare, information technology, computer science, information science, and business. HI professionals closely examine how information is generated, recorded, processed, used, and disposed. Every facet of the information flow is examined, including devices, standards, terminologies, guidelines, and knowledge management. Every step of the way, HI professionals ask how technology can become smarter and how better practices can help improve quality of care and reduce cost.

One of the challenges facing our health care system today is the communication gap between clinicians and healthcare professionals who are not trained in advanced technology and technology experts who do not understand medicine and the specifics of health care delivery. A Health Informatics degree helps bridge that gap which is especially important now due to federal health care reforms that require providers to better utilize information technology in health care delivery.

To learn more, read "The Health Informatics Program at GMU".

Programs in Health Informatics

Janusz Wojtusiak

Janusz Wojtusiak, PhD
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Health Informatics Program
Phone: 703-993-4148
Fax: 703-993-4009

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