Population Health Center

“The Population Health Center delivers experiential learning opportunities for all involved, with the goal of moving the needle on the health of the populations we serve.”

Germaine Louis, Professor and Dean, The College of Health and Human Services
Nurse examines child

The 10th MAP Clinic is located at the Population Health Center and provides clinical services such as immunizations and school physicals.

The Intersection of Academics and Practice

To address critical public health needs, the College of Health and Human Services has launched the Population Health Center, representing an essential and bold intersection of academics and practice.

The Center will serve as a nexus for:

  • interprofessional clinical care for underserved populations;

  • research of consequence to improve the public’s health; and

  • learning and development opportunities for practitioners and students. 

The Population Health Center facilitates partnerships between academia and community and houses the 10th Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinic and state-of-the art facilities for telehealth, research, and delivering clinical care. Practitioners and community partners will provide referrals for resources to address social determinants such as access to housing, food, and prescriptions.

This intersection of academics and practice creates the infrastructure and opportunity to engage the community in the public health education of our region as we strive to make health visible.

Population Health Center Leadership

Alison Cuellar, Caroline Sutter, and Rebecca Sutter serve as co-directors of the Population Health Center to oversee the tri-part mission of public health research, training, and interprofessional care Alison Cuellar will oversee faculty-led research initiatives, Rebecca Sutter will oversee interprofessional care delivery, and Caroline Sutter will oversee workforce development efforts.