Office of Community Engagement

The College of Health and Human Services' (CHHS) Office of Community Engagement directs and develops educational and service opportunities for community residents, health and social service providers, and local governments. The office facilitates communication and collaboration between the college's programs and the broader community to increase the visibility of CHHS programs within the community and the community's support of the college.

Partnering With The Community

The Office of Community Engagement works with community organizations seeking a mutually beneficial partnership with CHHS. Through reciprocal partnerships with local, state and federal agencies; international partners; private not-for-profit organizations; and businesses, CHHS is able to provide clinical internships, community placements, and community and global capstone experiences. In addition, through MOUs and other agreements, the office supports the development of new research initiatives and other community-based projects.

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Academic Outreach

The Office of Academic Outreach provides educational services for the continued professional development of health professionals through collaborative relationships with expert health and instructional resources, both internal and external to the university. Activities are based on the interests and needs of individuals and contracting organizations. The office partners with offices and agencies, affiliated and not affiliated with the university, that have compatible interests and goals in the continued professional development of health professionals. Learn about our current offerings.

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The communications staff within the Office of Community Engagement is responsible for promoting the college's research, student work and accomplishments, and alumni news to local, regional, and national audiences. The staff also supports the college's initiatives and student recruitment efforts through the development of relevant marketing communications materials. For more information about the college's communications efforts, contact Dr. Christine Coussens at 703-993-3485 or via email.


Want To Learn More?

For more information about the Office of Community Engagement or to learn how we can partner together on various projects, contact Christine Coussens, Associate Dean of Community Engagement, at 703-993-3485 or via email.