Dr. Germaine Louis
Dr. Germaine Louis

Germaine Louis, PhD, MS

Dean, College of Health and Human Services

Dr. Germaine Louis is an internationally recognized reproductive and perinatal epidemiologist whose expertise focuses on the impact of environmental influences on human fecundity and fertility. Her research has addressed a mixture of environmental exposures, including endocrine disruptors, stress, diet, and physical activity in relation to a spectrum of reproductive outcomes in both men and women. In addition, Dr. Louis’ research extends to studies of the implications of fecundity and fertility for health across the lifespan and future generations. A complimentary and parallel avenue of research includes methods aimed at addressing challenges, such as the complexity associated with studying exposure mixtures and studying reproductive potential outcomes that often are not statistically independent or may be blocked by an intervening event. She was an early pioneer in the application of the exposome research paradigm for understanding environmental influences on human fecundity and fertility impairments. She has served as Principal Investigator for original extramural and intramural research totaling over $53 million.

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Dr. Germaine Louis
Dr. Rosemary D. Higgins

Rosemary D. Higgins, MD
Associate Dean for Research

As Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Rosemary D. Higgins oversees the Office of Research, supports a culture of research in the college, and links the research if the college to the greater university research enterprise.

Prior to coming to Mason, Higgins served as a Medical Officer and the Program Scientist for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Neonatal Research Network (NRN), a large, multi-investigator, multi-institution network, composed of 15 clinical centers (35 hospitals) and a data coordinating center.  

Her research focuses on neonatal and perinatal medicine.

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Dr. Kimberly Holmes
Dr. Kimberly Holmes

Kimberly Holmes, PhD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Kimberly Holmes is the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, overseeing the functional areas of admissions, academic advising, and student engagement in the college. Throughout her career, Kimberly has been committed to expanding access to higher education and improving outcomes for students from a range of backgrounds.  She has specific experience in college student retention initiatives, first year student transitions, academic advising, graduate student programming, assessment, and undergraduate research programs.

Dr. Holmes’ research interests include exploring the experiences of women of color in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and expanding access to higher education for underrepresented groups, including students of color, first-generation college students, and students with financial need.

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Dr. Catherine Tompkins
Dr. Catherine Tompkins

Catherine Tompkins, MSW, PhD
Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

Dr. Tompkins, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Associate Professor, teaches human behavior, research, and gerontology courses in the Social Work Department. She is interested in developing new programs for undergraduate students and developing innovations in distance education. Dr. Tompkins has been pursuing two research tracks since arriving at Mason: 1) The need for interventions for individuals with dementia and their caregivers and 2) an exploration of the potential caregiving relationship that exists between grandparents and grandchildren residing within grandparent-headed households. She reviews manuscripts for several journals, has affiliations with several state and national organizations, and participates on advisory boards for two community-based agencies.

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Dr. Robert Weiler

Robert M. Weiler, PhD, MPH

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Robert M. Weiler holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in health and safety education from Marshall University, a Master of Public Health, in community health education from the University of Tennessee, and a Doctor of Philosophy in education with a specialization in school health education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale). Dr. Weiler’s research interests include needs assessment, survey research, program evaluation, school health policies and programs, adolescent health risk behaviors, and substance abuse prevention with emphasis on the nonmedical use of prescription drugs among adolescents and young adults. Dr. Weiler’s research has explored Florida’s school violence policies and programs and the role of school health instruction in preventing violence. He is a founding member of the American Academy of Health Behavior, a member of the American Public Health Association, a member of the Society for Public Health Education, and is a Fellow of the American School Health Association.

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Dr. Matthew U. Hicks
Dr. Matthew U. Hicks

Matthew Hicks, DM 
Director of Information Technology and Security

Dr. Matthew Hicks is a highly accomplished Technology and Security Officer with proven ability to lead successful corporate information security and technology operations and facilitate corporate growth through technology-business alignment. He has special expertise in cyber security, solution development, organizational excellence, program management, and process improvement. He holds Doctoral, MBA and multiple certifications, including CISSP, CRISC, CISM, PMP/RMP, and ISSA member, and is adept at directing multi-national teams and administering multi-million dollar budgets, with extensive familiarity with education, software development, transportation, health-care, financial, and technology sectors, and excellent presentation, problem-solving, and technical skills.

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Lisa R. Joyner
Lisa R. Joyner

Lisa R. Joyner
Executive Director of Finance and Administration

Lisa Joyner has worked with the College of Health and Human Services (previously the College of Nursing and Health Science) at George Mason University since 1997. She works closely with the Dean in forecasting, advising, and monitoring the college's budget. Lisa is responsible for ensuring that the college's fiscal and personnel activities are performed within the state and university's guidelines.


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Michelle L. Thompson
Michelle L. Thompson

Michelle L. Thompson, MBA
Director of Marketing and Communications

Ms. Thompson oversees the marketing and communications strategy for the College with particular focus on branding, strategic messaging, and engagement strategy as CHHS transitions to a college of public health. She has extensive experience leading marketing teams in education-oriented organizations including Hobsons, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Blackboard, and Ellucian. She brings a passion for developing strong teams, lifelong- learning, and increasing access to education. She received a BS in Mass Communication from Boston University and an MBA from The George Washington University with a concentration in Marketing.

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Laura Walsh
Laura Walsh

Laura Walsh
Director of Development

Laura is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and brings over twenty years of fundraising experience to her role at George Mason University. She began her career in philanthropy on the side of giving funds away and eventually transitioned to the other side of securing resources to impact and improve lives through philanthropy. She has held leadership positions with the American Red Cross while also serving on their National Disaster Response Team to raise major gifts during national disasters. Recently, she served in a leadership capacity for nine years with Inova Health System raising funds to address community health improvement projects.

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