Graduate Admissions Standards, Requirements, and Deadlines

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Selection criteria differ by program and are established by the faculty of that program. Applicants are evaluated on past academic performance, rigor of the course selection, standardized test scores (if required), letters of recommendation, goals statement, writing sample (if required), professional experience, applicant's "match" with the program, and any additional evidence of potential success in the program. The faculty determines the number of admissions offers to extend based on the resources available to the program.

The general university graduate admission standards include the following:

  • An earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education or international equivalent (both verified through official transcripts)
  • A 3.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale or better in baccalaureate study. The GPA requirement may be higher for some graduate programs. For applicants with post baccalaureate credits, a separate GPA is calculated for each institution. The difficulty of the baccalaureate degree and professional work experience may be considered in assessing the application for admission

Please see the information below for application deadlines and program requirements. To request information about your program of interest, please visit the Mason Graduate Admissions website.

Graduate Program Application Deadlines and Requirements

Program Fall Deadline Spring Deadline Resume Letter of Recs Dept Form Test(s) Expanded Goals Statement
Global Health, MS* 3/1 Yes 2


Health and Medical Policy, MS 4/1 11/1 Yes 2 Yes
Health Informatics, MS 4/1 11/1 Yes 2 Yes
Health Services Research, PhD 4/1 Resume or Curriculum Vitae 2 Yes GRE Yes
Health Systems Management, MHA* 4/1 11/1 Yes 2 Yes
Nursing, DNP, BSN to DNP Pathway 2/1 Yes 2

GRE (if requested)

Nursing, DNP, MSN to DNP Pathway 2/1 Yes 2 Yes

GRE (if requested)

Nursing, MSN 2/1 Yes 2 GRE (NP Concentration, if requested)
Nursing, PhD 2/1 Yes 2


Nutrition, MS 4/1 11/1 Yes 2 Yes
Public Health, MPH* 3/1 Yes 2


Rehabilitation Science, PhD 2/1 Yes 2


Social Work, MSW 1/15 Yes 2 Yes (Advanced Standing Only) Yes
Social Work, MSW and Conflict Analysis and Resolution, MS Dual Degree 1/15 Yes 2 Yes

* Please Note: The application process for the Master of Science in Global Health and the Master of Public Health require an application to be submitted via SOPHAS. Please visit the Department of Global and Community Health’s graduate admissions website for further details.

Applications to the Master of Health Administration program are submitted via the Health Administration, Management & Policy Centralized Application Service (HAMPCAS). Please visit the Master of Health Administration's graduate admissions website for further details.

Graduate Certificate Application Deadlines and Requirements

* Please Note: The Certificate in Public Health requires an application to be submitted via SOPHAS. Please visit the Department of Global and Community Health’s graduate admissions website for further details.

Admitted International Students:
Please take into consideration the numerous U.S. state and federal holidays in December and January in which Mason and government offices will be closed. We ask for your patience as your I-20 documents and Visa are processed and sent to you.

Important reminders

Applications received or considered incomplete as a result of missing documents after the application deadline will be considered on a space-available basis.

The official mode of communication between the university and applicants is email. You will be notified of the status of your application and your admission decision via email, so please make sure your email address stays active, as the university will use this address to communicate throughout the application process.