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Blackboard is the primary learning management system for CHHS courses:

Getting Ready for Blackboard

Before using Blackboard, make sure your computer meets the necessary system requirements.

Using Blackboard 9.1: Video Instructions

The following videos provided by Blackboard will take you through the most common tasks you are likely to encounter in taking a Blackboard course.

Additional instructional videos are available at Blackboard Learn: For Students.

Blackboard is Really Quirky Sometimes

Below are some of the interesting quirks we've discovered about Blackboard, and how to successfully navigate around them.

Use a Supported Browser and Updated Java

Before taking a test, always update your Java software and make sure your browser is on the "Supported Web Browsers" list.

Avoid Timing Out When Taking Exams

When taking a test, hit the "Save Answer" button after each question. This will prevent your browser from timing out, a situation where Blackboard logs you out of your account if it thinks you've been inactive too long. If you are answering an essay or short answer question, click "Save Answer" once every 15 minutes.

Avoid Punctuation in Assignment File Names

When naming files for assignment submissions, avoid using punctuation other than the period.  Faculty may not be able to open files with other punctuation in the file name.

The Best Browser for Blackboard Changes Semi-Frequently

Approximately once every one to two weeks, one of the major web browsers updates itself on your computer.  When this happens, there is a chance that a function on Blackboard will break until enough people report the issue to Blackboard to have it resolved. 

A best practice is to keep all of the major browsers on your computer, and to always keep the browsers updated.  The major browsers are as follows:

When something doesn't work in Blackboard using one of the browsers, switch to one of the other browsers.

Getting Help

    If Blackboard is not functioning as expected, or you are unable to connect to Blackboard or content within Blackboard, email
  • Courses Support
    Additional Blackboard Instructions produced by George Mason University
  • CHHS Instructional Designer, Terri Ann Guingab (
    Terri Ann has been added to many CHHS distance education courses in order to field technical support questions. Feel free to contact her via email or by phone at 703-993-1912. Phone support is generally available M-F 9:30 am to 4:30 pm EDT. Email responses are generally sent within 1-2 business days (often sooner).

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