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Asynchronous Online Lectures (Camtasia, Presenter, Videos)

Many professors post recorded lectures to their course that are created in Camtasia or Presenter.  In most cases you simply need to click on the link for the lecture to watch it. If you are having trouble watching your professor's online lectures, follow these troubleshooting steps:

IMPORTANT: Watch videos early!
Waiting until the last minute to watch your lecture videos is a recipe for disaster.  Murphy's law dictates that when you wait until the last minute, something *will* break and you won't be able to watch your lecture.  Watching your videos early means that should a problem arise, it can be resolved in enough time for you to watch your lecture before the learning module's end date.

  1. Does your Institution allow Firefox and Flash?
    Some institutions block Firefox and Flash for security or productivity reasons. You may be able to petition your institution for permission to run these programs. Otherwise, you will need to access the lectures from a computer that is not in your institution.
  2. Use the latest version of  Firefox.  
    Download Firefox from the Firefox Homepage. Sometimes you may need to update Firefox.
  3. Use the latest version of  Adobe Flash software.  
    Download Flash software from the Adobe Homepage. Sometimes you may need to update Flash.
  4. For Videos (especially .wmv videos), try a different video player.
    Students have had success using VLC Media Player by VideoLAN.
  5. Try a different computer.
    Try watching the videos on a different computer, in a different location, and on a different day.  If the video still doesn't work on two or more computers that are in two or more locations and on different days, it is possible there may have been a problem with the lecture upload.
  6. Contact your professor and technical support.
    If the steps above did not resolve your problem, email both your professor and CHHS technical support (Terri Ann Guingab,

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