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Success as an Online Student

In a Nutshell...

  • To be a successful online learner, you must become an independent, lifelong learner. 
  • Take responsibility for your own learning process.
  • Stay motivated, organized, and flexible.
  • Develop strong reading and writing skills.
  • Develop a well-paced learning schedule that also allows you time to enjoy life. Stick to that schedule.
  • Embrace "not knowing". Work with your faculty if you have trouble mastering the content.

Read more about the qualities of a successful online student (via Illinois Online Network).

A Word of Warning - "Online" is not the same as "Easy"

The most common misconception about online learning is that it is easier than face to face learning. That is generally not the case. Online courses require the same amount of rigorous work and study as traditional learning methods. In fact, online learning requires more discipline than face to face courses.  Successful online students take control of managing their time and study schedules to ensure they meet course requirements on schedule. 

Another common misconception is that students can complete their weekly requirements on their days off from work.  This is not always the case.  In discussion-heavy courses, you may be required to log in two to three times throughout the week to participate in an interactive discussion.  Some courses may require you to attend a synchronous live chat or do an out-of-home activity such as visiting a site or conducting an interview.  Review your syllabus carefully for these types of activities, and be sure to carve out time in your personal schedule well in advance so you can fully participate.

Is Online Learning for Me?

The MERLOT project houses a number of online learning readiness quizzes and inventories you can take to determine if online learning is appropriate for you. Visit MERLOT's Online Learning Readiness Collection.

Online Learning Resources

  • Active Learning (Center for Teaching Excellence)
    Introduction to Active Learning, why it is a powerful learning tool, and how it is implemented in the classroom. For those of you who were wondering why your assignments are designed the way they are, read this link.
  • Guidelines for Meaningful Discussion Board Communication
    Participation in an online discussion means saying more than just "I agree."  Use these guidelines to get the most out of your online discussion activities.
  • Time Management
    Tips to stay on top of your course work.

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