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Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence Research

College Faculty and Student Research on Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

Guidance for Bystanders of Interpersonal Violence
New College faculty member, Dr. Denise Hines studies bystander interventions and prevention programs for sexual assault and domestic violence with the goal of raising awareness of under-recognized survivor groups and preventing all instances of assault and interpersonal violence. Learn more about her research and guidance for bystanders of assault or violence.

Understanding and Preventing Intimate Partner Violence 
1 in 3 women in the world will experience intimate partner violence in her lifetime. Dr. Jhumka Gupta, associate professor in the Department of Global and Community Health, is conducting research to help better understand this violence, its impact on women, and opportunities for intervention. Watch the video to learn more

Using Alternative Light Sources to Assist Domestic Violence Survivors
Dr. Katherine Scafide, an assistant professor in the School of Nursing, is conducting research that will help forensic nurses identify hard-to-see bruising using an alternative light source.
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