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Lilian de Jonge, PhD

Department of Nutrition and Food Studies

Lilian de Jonge

Dr. Lilian de Jonge is an assistant professor at the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. She obtained her PhD degree in nutrition from the Université de Montréal, in Montréal, Canada. After her PhD degree, Dr. de Jonge moved to the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA where she was a faculty member and the director of the Metabolic Chambers Laboratory, a position she held until 2010. During this time, she developed the Indirect Calorimetry Core Laboratory. As the director of the core, she was involved in the redesign and reprogramming of the metabolic chambers. These chambers have become a model for several other metabolic chambers in the USA, including the NIH/NIDDK and the University of Colorado. At the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, she studied the adaptation of energy expenditure and substrate oxidation to changes in dietary composition and energy balance and the role of physical activity in this adaptation. Dr. de Jonge has collaborated with a large number of investigators on numerous studies, both federally and privately funded, including several long-term multicenter studies such as POUNDS LOST, a two-year intervention exploring the effect of diet composition on long-term weight loss and patient adherence, and CALERIE, a two-year intervention studying the effects of 25 percent caloric restriction on markers of longevity. In September 2010, Dr. de Jonge accepted a staff scientist position at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD where she was involved in the study of the role sleep and circadian rhythm on obesity.