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Bhavani Hamann

Department of Social Work

Bhavani Hamann

Dr. Bhavani Hamann, an adjunct faculty at George Mason University, received her doctoral degree from Florida State University. She developed an instrument to assess the anxiety, depression and life satisfaction of families of brain trauma patients. She has a Masters degree in Psychiatric Social Work and another Masters in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work.

She collaborated with professors at FSU to develop Masters level curriculum for distance learning program at The Indira Gandhi University, New Delhi, India. Research experience includes studies of families of renal patients, mentally ill patients and their families, substance abuse patients and families, multiple sclerosis patients and families of brain trauma patients.

Work experience includes social work intervention with medical and psychiatric patients and their families. Another area she has special interest in, is, role of various media with specific reference to women in poverty and development of innovative programs for the exploited people in general.


  • PhD, Social Work. Florida State University
  • MPhil, Psychiatric Social Work
  • MSW, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
  • BS, Commerce, Accountancy, and Business Management