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Margaret Anne Miklancie, PhD, MSN, BSN

School of Nursing

Margaret Miklancie

Dr. Miklancie, associate professor of nursing, has more than 18 years of pediatric experience, 20 years of neonatal intensive care unit experience, and 10 years of general medical-surgical experience. She has taught since 1984, in areas such as intermediate and advanced technologies, lab settings, and leadership/management. She has taught in the Second Degree program since it opened in 2002, as well as at the graduate level. 

Her research focuses on nursing education, and her dissertation topic of study was The Spiritual Lived Experience of Nurse Educators Within the Context of Their Teaching Practice. She has conducted research on the topic of spirituality and student nurses during their educational experience. 

Dr. Miklancie considers herself a "generalist" with special love in pediatrics and NICU, as well as all clients across the life span. Geriatrics are another favorite specialty. She has strong interpersonal communication skills, strong clinical skills (current in CCN step-down unit), and strong organization and management skills.

Dr. Miklancie ran her first marathon in October 1998 and subsequent marathons in 2000 and 2002 in the Marine Corps Marathon. She was able to raise approximately a total of $13,000 for AIDS research and medication therapy for vulnerable populations (mothers, children, and the indigent). She continues to run. 

Dr. Miklancie served as president of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International from 2004-2006.


  • CNE, Certified Nurse Educator
  • PhD, George Mason University, 2001
  • MSN, George Mason University, 1992
  • BSN, George Mason University, 1983
  • AD, Northern Virginia Community College, 1978
  • LPN, Pittsburgh, PA, 1966