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Margaret Slavin, PhD, RD, LD

Department of Nutrition and Food Studies

Margaret Slavin

Dr. Margaret Slavin, RD, LD is an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies and an affiliate of the Krasnow Institute and the Center for Study of Chronic Illness and Disability. Formally trained in both food science and clinical nutrition, her expertise spans a wide range of methodology used in evaluating food and diet composition: analytical chemistry techniques used to measure food composition, human nutrition assessment methods used to estimate an individual’s food and nutrient intake, and biochemical labs used to measure exposure.

Dr. Slavin’s research interests are primarily focused where food science and nutrition overlap. She has published and presented research on the impact of plant breeding and food processing on nutrients and bioactive food components, the impact of food components on a cell culture model of migraine-related inflammation, the composition of foods, the development of new analytical techniques, and the development of a new, locally-produced supplemental food in rural Kenya. At Mason, she is a co-Principal Investigator of the Mason Undergraduate Nutrition for Campus Health (MUNCH) project, investigating student’s food choices on the University’s campus.


  • PhD, nutrition and food science, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
  • BS, clinical dietetics and nutrition, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania