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Photo Name Title Email Phone
No picture available Heather Aycock BSN Applications Specialist 703-993-5289
Amanda Baer Amanda Baer Curriculum and Scheduling Coordinator 703-993-2108
Kelly Benedicto Kelly Benedicto Graduate Admissions Processor 703-993-1736
Joshua Bowen Joshua Bowen Program Coordinator, Department of Rehabilitation Science 703-993-1950
No picture available Allison Bustria Receptionist 703-993-1901
No picture available Christine Clemons Administrator, Virginia & Mason SBIRT Projects 703-993-1904
Emily Shevlin Emily Cooper Assistant Director of Development 703-993-6004
Susan Eckis Susan Eckis Office Manager, School of Nursing 703-993-1938
No picture available Elaine Ervin Information Specialist 703-993-4245
Ashley Lambert Ashley L. Grammick Senior Assistant to the Dean, College of Health and Human Services 703-993-1918
Terri Ann Guingab Terri Ann Guingab Instructional Designer 703-993-1912
No picture available Joanne Hawk Administrative Office Specialist III 703-993-8896
No picture available Danielle Hawkins Communications and Marketing Officer 703-993-1931
No picture available Victoria Hough Administrative Assistant, School of Nursing 703-993-1961
Christine Kania Christine Kania Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean 703-993-5197
Sandy Kellerhals Sandy Kellerhals Office Manager, Office of Community Engagement 703-993-2120
No picture available Vannary Khov Office Manager, Department of Social Work 703-993-2030
Julia Lawhorn Julia Lawhorn Communications and Project Coordinator 703-993-9490
Janice Lee-Beverly Janice Lee-Beverly Education Specialist 703-993-1947
No picture available Regina Pickett Administrative Office Specialist III 703-993-3583
Tracy Shevlin Tracy Shevlin Department Manager, Health Administration and Policy 703-993-1929
Harvie Singh Harvinder Singh Graduate Admissions Specialist, Office of Student Affairs 703-993-1736
No picture available Pat Tope Office Manager, Office of Student Affairs 703-993-1914
No picture available Rebecca Warden Grants Administrator 703-993-9631
No picture available L. Allan Weiss Office Manager, Department of Global and Community Health 703-993-3126
Joseph Wilson Joseph Wilson Office Manager, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies 703-993-9709