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Tony Yang

Associate Professor

Patient Safety & Quality of Care, Maternal & Child Health, Health IT Regulations, Vaccine Policy, Health Care Law

Tony YangDr. Yang, Associate Professor with Tenure in the Department of Health Administration and Policy, was a post-doctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology prior to joining Mason. As graduate teaching and research faculty, he applied his background as a lawyer, policy analyst and health services researcher in his teaching and research endeavors.

He was the 2009-2010 CDC-NCHS/AcademyHealth Health Policy Fellow. He was the principal investigator of two public health law research grants funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He was also the principal investigator of two grants from INOVA Health system.

He has presented his work at several professional venues including, American Public Health Association (APHA), AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, Gerontological Society of America' Annual Scientific Meeting, and Conference on Empirical Legal Studies. He has also served as a peer reviewer for Journal of Empirical Legal Studies; The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics; Journal of Palliative Medicine; Maternal and Child Health Journal; Health Affairs; Women's Health Issues; and the Journal of Health Administration Education.


  • Sc.D., Doctor of Science, Health Policy and Management, Harvard University
  • M.P.H., Master of Public Health, Harvard University
  • LL.C.M., Master of Comparative Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • LL.M., Master of Laws, University of Pennsylvania Law School


Selected Publications

Yang YT, Debold V. A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of Non-medical Exemption Law and Vaccine Uptake on Vaccine-Targeted Disease Rates. American Journal of Public Health 2014;104(2):371-377

Yang YT, Silverman RD. Mobile Health Applications: The Patchwork Of Legal And Liability Issues Suggests Strategies To Improve Oversight. Health Affairs 2014;33(2):222-227

Yang YT, Meiners MR. Care Coordination and the Expansion of Nursing Scopes of Practice. Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics 2014;42(1):93-103

Yang YT, Chen B. Legal Considerations for Social Media Marketing by Pharmaceutical Industry. The Food and Drug Law Journal 2014;68(1):39-51

Yang YT, Gimm G. Caring for Elder Parents: A Comparative Evaluation of Family Leave Laws. Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics 2013; 41(2):501-513

Chen B, Yang YT. Post-Marketing Surveillance of Prescription Drug Safety: Past, Present and Future, Journal of Legal Medicine 2013;34(2):193-213

Sakala C, Yang YT, Cory M. Maternity Care and Liability: Pressing Problems, Substantive Solutions, Women's Health Issues 2013;23(1):7-13

Yang YT, Studdert DS, Subramanian SV, Mello MM. Does Tort Law Improve the Health of Newborns, or Miscarry? A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of Liability Pressure on Birth Outcomes. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 2012;9(2):217–245.

Yang YT, Mahon MM. Palliative Care for the Terminally Ill: the Consideration of QALYs, Costs, and Ethical issues. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 2012;15(4):411-416

Yang YT, Henry L, Dellinger M, Yonish K, Emerson B, Seifert PC. The Circulating Nurse’s Role in Error Recovery in the Cardiovascular OR. Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses Journal 2012;95(6):755-762.

Selected Presentations

Health Affairs Issue Briefing: The Rise of Connected Health, Washington, DC, “Mobile Health Applications: The Patchwork Of Legal And Liability Issues Suggests Strategies To Improve Oversight”, 2/5/2014

American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, “Blocked Shots: Examining the Basis, Nature and Public Health Impact of Vaccine Exemption Laws”, Webinar, 2/19/2014

The American Public Health Association (APHA), Annual Research Meeting, Boston, MA, “Evaluating family leave laws in comparative perspective” , 11/5/2013

National Institutes of Health (NIH),"Non-medical Exemptions and Vaccine-Targeted Diseases", Bethesda, MD, 5/22/2013

The American Public Health Association (APHA), Annual Research Meeting, San Francisco, CA, “A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of Non-medical Exemptions to State School Immunization Laws on Vaccine-Targeted Diseases” , 10/27/2012

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1st National Immunization Conference Online, "Database of State Vaccine Exemption Laws"(poster), 3/26/2012

Selected Grants & Contracts

"Evaluation of Lifestyle Intervention for Veterans." Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 5/25/13-9/30/13, $42,687.96

"Medical Malpractice Claims in Massachusetts." Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, 2012, Yang (Research Contractor), $15,000.

"Is the Federal No-Fault Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Effective and Equitable?" The Searle Civil Justice Institute, 2012, Amount: $5,000.

"How does the Cox-Maze Procedure Compare? Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Alternative Treatments of Atrial Fibrillation." Inova Health System Life Sciences Research Collaboration Fund, 2011-2013, Yang (PI), $50,000.

"The Effect of Paid Leave Policies on Family Caregivers For The Elderly: Evidence from State Laws." Borchard Foundation Center on Law & Aging, 2012, Yang (Co-PI), $20,000. [Other faculty involved: Gilbert Gimm, Associate Professor of Health Administration and Policy]

"Longitudinal Analysis of the Relationship Between Restrictiveness of State Non-medical Vaccine Exemption Laws, Vaccine Uptake, Infant Mortality and ADHD." National Vaccination Information Center, 2011-2012, Yang (Co-PI), $35,000. [Other faculty involved: Vicky Debold, Associate Professor, Research Faculty of Health Administration and Policy]

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