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Directions: Before completing and or turning in any of the following forms, please speak with your academic advisor, Kelly Beckwith. Many documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Forms are divided into three sections:

Prospective/New Students

Form Notes

CHHS Graduate Admissions

Information for prospective graduate applicants. 

New Graduate Student Information Guide (2017-2018) (pdf)

An outline of university resources for new graduate students.

Current Students: Academic Requests

Form Notes
Student Academic Request Form (pdf) To be completed by CHHS undergraduate and graduate students with a student request such as Academic (total or partial) Withdrawl, Study Elsewhere, etc. Please send the completed form with your written narrative, and third-party documentation in an envelope to your academic advisor.
Request to Change MPH Concentration Form (pdf)

For graduate students who would like to change their concentration within their current program of study to a different concentration within the same program of study, e.g. MPH-Global and Community Health to MPH-Epidemiology.  Please consult with your academic advisor prior to submitting this form.

Application for a Graduate Certificate as a Secondary Program (pdf)

For graduate students who would like to add a graduate certificate as a secondary program. Please consult with your academic advisor prior to submitting this form.

GMU Course Substitution/Waiver (pdf)

To be used if requesting course(s) to be substituted for another or waived. Please submit to your academic advisor.

GMU Graduate Transfer of Credit (pdf)

For Graduate students  transferring credits from previous institutions attended or from Mason Non-Degree courses. Submit to your Graduate Advisor for approval. 

Removal of Provisional Admission Qualifier (pdf)

Complete this form after you have completed your provisional admission requirements (completed GCH 601 and 712). Submit to your Academic Advisor.

Voluntary Resignation from Graduate Academic Program (pdf)

Form for graduate students who are voluntarily resigning from current academic program of study.

Force Add into a closed course (pdf) How to obtain and register for a closed course/force add.
Grievance Form (docx) Use this form to submit a grievance to the Chair of the Department of Global and Community Health. 
Apply for Graduation (pdf) How to apply for graduation.

Graduate Practicums (graduate internships)

Form Notes

Practicum Information (Objectives) Form (pdf)

Required form for graduate students planning to take practicum. Form must be accompanied by a list of three learning objectives, a job description, and work schedule. The form must be signed by the student, site supervisor, and practicum faculty instructor.

Practicum Fact Sheet (pdf) Guidelines to consider when selecting a Practicum Site Supervisor.

Carefully read and complete all requested information on the forms. Failure to do so may impede processing of requests.