Delta Omega National Honor Society, Gamma Tau Chapter

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Who We Are

Delta Omega is the national honorary society in public health. The mission of Delta Omega is to encourage and recognize excellence in practice, research, education, and academic achievement in the field of public health. The Gamma Tau chapter of Delta Omega, established at Mason in 2013, recognizes top graduate students in Mason’s master of public health (MPH) and global health (MS) programs.


Membership in the Gamma Tau chapter of Delta Omega is by invitation only. For more information, contact chapter president Lisa Lindley (email) or vice-president Anna Pollack (email).

2016-2017 Inductees

  • Elizabeth M. Boone
  • Julialyn Deos
  • Aaron S. Raike
  • Chelsea Nicole Smyth
  • Caroline Stephenson
  • Leslie N. Valenzuela

2015-2016 Inductees

  • Amanda L. Baer
  • Nathan Thomas Coffey
  • Heather Stone Davies
  • Katherine K. Fite
  • Elizabeth A. Morris
  • Michelle H. Nguyen
  • Drasti Patel
  • Mary Ann Petryszyn
  • Mina Rachel Yun

2014-2015 Inductees

  • Ahoud Alohali
  • Zoya Butt
  • Phantippa Chutchainon
  • David A. Crum
  • Vanessa C. Denny
  • Nance D. Dunn
  • Fouzia Farooq
  • Soo Kim
  • Margaret H. Legum
  • Emily E. Lieu
  • Anneka Marchan
  • Alyssa P. Mavi
  • Sarah E. McKee
  • Souad Nachabe
  • Huma Qazi
  • Shamika Ranasinghe
  • Stephanie Thacker
  • Shaneka Thurman
  • Mai T. Trinh
  • Marietta (Gracie) Tubbs
  • Paul F. Zell

2013-2014 Inductees

  • Zefitret Abebe
  • Bianca Alba
  • Elizabeth Burke
  • Stephanie Campbell
  • Linda Castagnola
  • Samuel Gaber
  • Elizabeth Hanfman
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Terence McKittrick
  • Lindsey Miller
  • Udara Perera
  • Daniel L. Robertson
  • David Tenney
  • Shannon Turner