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The Master of Public Health (MPH) is the most widely recognized professional degree for those wishing to enter or advance in the field of public health. Mason’s MPH program provides coursework in all five core disciplines of public health – epidemiology, biostatistics, health administration, social and behavioral sciences, and environmental health – along with advanced training in one of seven concentration areas: Community Health Promotion, Epidemiology, Food Security and Nutrition, Global Health, Health Policy, Public Health Communication, and Public Health Practice.

The accelerated MPH degree program is designed for Mason’s highly qualified and highly motivated undergraduates. It is expected that students will have a minimum 3.0 GPA in public health relevant coursework.

Benefits of the accelerated MPH program

  • There is a streamlined application process with no application fee.
  • Students can apply six graduate credits to their undergraduate degrees.
  • Students can take an additional six graduate credits to be held for reserve graduate credit (apply only to the graduate degree).
  • Students start the MPH program with up to 12 credits earned while undergraduates.
  • Students admitted to the accelerated MPH program do not need to take the GRE.
  • Students admitted to the accelerated MPH program complete both their undergraduate and MPH degree programs in a shorter amount of time.

When to Apply

Mason undergraduates who have completed at least 75 credits toward any bachelor’s degree at Mason and no more than 90 credits toward the degree are eligible to apply. Students must have completed at least 24 credits at Mason at the time of application. Applicants to the accelerated MPH must have completed GCH 300, GCH 335 (BIO 214, PSYC 300, SOC 313 or another statistics course may be substituted), and ENGH 302 before submitting their application.

Submitting an Application

Before submitting an inquiry form, students interested in the accelerated MPH program should discuss their options with their undergraduate advisor.

Please visit Mason's Office of Admissions for additional information on how to submit an application.

Accelerated Option Requirements

While undergraduates, accelerated MPH students complete two of the following courses: GCH 543, GCH 560, GCH 600, GCH 601, or GCH 645 with a minimum grade of 3.00 in each course. They must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all coursework and in coursework applied to their major (or with permission of the graduate program director). In the beginning of the semester in which the student will complete his/her undergraduate degree, the bachelor’s/accelerated master’s Transition Form (.pdf) must be submitted, and then the student is admitted to graduate status.

Point of Contact

Kelly Beckwith
MPH Program Coordinator
Department of Global and Community Health
College of Health and Human Services
George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MSN 5B7
Robinson B, Room 415
Fairfax, VA 22030