BS, Community Health
Program of Study

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Degree Requirements

Degree requirements are designated by the academic year during which they were published in the University Catalog. Students are responsible for meeting the degree requirements that were stipulated in the catalog at the time of enrollment into the program.  Links for degree requirements from previous academic years can be found in the archive of undergraduate catalogs.

Program of Study

Students must complete 120 credits of undergraduate course work. A minimum grade of C must be obtained in all courses in the major including those courses required for an optional concentration (clinical science, global health).  Students should make an appointment with an academic advisor upon being accepted into the program and before registering for courses each semester.

View degree requirements for the BS in Community Health and for the optional concentrations in clinical science and global health.

Internship Opportunities

Community Health majors may choose to complete either a 3 or 6-hour internship as part of their training to improve professional skills in a supervised practice setting in the U.S. or abroad.  In order to receive approval for an internship, students must first earn a grade of B or better in GCH 497 Pre-Internship Seminar (1 credit).  The coursework includes resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, networking, communication, professionalism, job search strategies, and relationship dynamics in the workplace.