Health Systems Management, MHA
Meet Our MHA Alumni

Anton Arbotov

Anton Arbatov, MHA '15

Senior Director of Consult Center Operations, Specialists on Call

When I left the Army, I had my choice of grad school. I met Dr. Martin Perlin at a Starbucks, and it was apparent to me after just a few minutes that he was just as interested in me as I was in the program. I knew that Mason would help me succeed. Combined with the flexibility of the program and the presence of a robust health care network in the area, it was an easy choice. Mason provided me with the technical knowledge to complement my tactical acumen. The program helped me to better understand my strength and weaknesses and to discover my true passion in health care—innovation. The professors fostered my innovative spirit and gave me the courage to question boundaries of what we perceive as health care.

Austin Brown

Austin Brown, MHA '15

Senior Consulting Executive, Engagement Management, Cerner Corporation

I chose George Mason because it featured face-to-face classes that were convenient and could fit in my schedule. My experience at Mason has enabled me to break out of narrow IT roles into strategic management by understanding the larger context of the health care environment. Cerner’s mission is to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities, and my education at Mason has helped enable me to fulfil that mission.

Cynthia Carney

Cynthia Carney, MHA '14

Administrative Officer, Goodwin House Palliative Care and Hospice

I chose to attend George Mason because, in reviewing MHA programs, I thought that its curriculum would best serve my needs. The MHA program gave me deeper insights into the nature and future of the health care world and how to better navigate the system by providing me with stimulating and challenging didactic and experiential opportunities. As the executive manager of a 10-member team that delivers palliative care and hospice services to a 1,500-member continuing care retirement community, I am able to integrate my clinical, managerial, marketing, and professional expertise and training to make sure that those with life-limiting illness receive compassionate and expert care that will ensure their quality of life for as long as they live.

Victoria Elliott

Victoria Elliott, MHA '15

Presidential Management Fellow, Health Insurance Specialist, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

I applied to Mason because the MHA program is CAHME accredited and its curriculum fit my professional needs. Prior to applying, I reviewed each required course listing to determine if Mason could provide me with the knowledge that I was seeking. I can assure that I have received more than I could have imagined. Mason, through the College of Health and Human Services, has substantially increased my knowledge of and exposure to the U.S. health care industry. For this reason, I am able to efficiently contribute to the way health care is delivered in our nation.

Diana Sherriff

Diana Sheriff, MS '14

When I got accepted into the HAP program, my advisor sent me a 3-year study plan that laid out all courses to be completed and the times those courses would be offered! As a full time worker, it helped me to give my employer advance notice as to when I would need to leave work to attend classes. The professors in this program show respect and concern for the students and will go to any length to help students accomplish their goals.

Tulay Soylu

Tulay Soylu, MHA '15

PhD Student, Health Services Research, George Mason University

I chose Mason because it gives me the inspiration to explore health care opportunities globally. Being from overseas, I have a desire to overview and fill in the gap of health care structure between a developed country and a developing country. I am planning to achieve my goal through my global researches and academic teaching. My research interest is focused on quality improvement in health care setting and analyzing the associations among access, quality, and price to differentiate national and global perspectives to improve quality.

Kathleen Greer Sullivan

Kathleen Greer Sullivan, MHA '14

Human Resources Information Specialist, Salem VA Medical Center

I chose Mason because of the program’s reputation as a leading program in health administration, as well as the many opportunities available to students. Mason provided me with a key skill set to jumpstart my career. With this skill set and emphasis on networking, I have been able to successfully begin a career in health administration. Within my role, I am able to provide evidence-based guidance to management. By analyzing the workforce and streamlining HR processes, we are able to continuously improve the culture of our organization and satisfaction of our employees. These improvements directly impact the care given to our veterans.