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Course Sequence

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Course Sequence Example

The following is only a suggested sequence of classes. Availability of courses is subject to change, so please talk to your advisor to plan your program of study and regularly check the schedule of classes on Patriot Web. Always register as soon as possible because classes can fill up quickly.

Effective Fall 2017

Year One

HAP 640
HAP 715
Elective 1
HAP 652
HAP 742
PUBP 730 or
PUBP 730

Year Two

PUAD 615
PUAD 750
HAP 730* (Or PUBP 713 in Spring)
HAP 719
HAP 764
Elective 2
HAP 645
HAP 793

Course List

(A) Arlington Campus
(DE) Distance Education

CourseTerm(s) Offered
PUBP 730, US Institutions and the Policy Process
Fall, Spring (A)
PUAD 615, Administrative Law
PUAD 750, Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
HAP 640, Current Issues in Health Policy
Fall (A)
HAP 645, Introduction to Health Services Research
Fall, Summer (DE)
HAP 652, Essentials of Health Insurance and Managed Care
HAP 715, Health Economics
Fall, Spring
HAP 719, Advanced Statistics in Health Services Research I
HAP 730, Health Care Decision Analysis
Summer (DE) or PUBP 713 Spring
HAP 742, Health Policy Development and Analysis
Spring (A)
HAP 764, Health Policy and Government Payment Systems for Health Care Services
Spring (A)
HAP 793, Final Project in Applied Health Policy
HAP Elective I
Fall, Spring, Summer
HAP Elective II
Fall, Spring