Nursing Camp 2017 Students

Nursing Camp 2017

Check out our photos on Facebook to see what the outstanding high school students in our first Nursing Camp were up to this week.

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capturing tick in Great Falls

Summer Fieldwork Capturing Ticks at Great Falls

CHHS and College of Science help National Park Service with longitudinal study examining tick-borne diseases. Read more.


Ingesting More Protein May Improve Bone Health

Dr. Taylor C. Wallace and Dr. Cara L. Frankenfeld examined whether protein intake above the current recommended daily allowance could be beneficial for bone health. Read more.

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Water bottles

Loudoun County Preschoolers Are Reducing Their Sugar Intake

Learn more about how our Department of Nutrition and Food Studies is helping children make healthier beverage choices here.


Helping Doctors Prescribe Drugs More Effectively

A new study by health informatics researchers Dr. Farrokh Alemi and Aryan Mazloum shows promise for better prescribing antidepressants. Read more.


U.S. Unlikely to Save on Health Care Costs with Biosimilars in the Near Future

A new publication by Dr. Tony Yang addresses why the United States hasn't seen the level of savings from biosimilars that has been predicted. Read more.