Giving Back to the Community in a Time of Need

As a student in the accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, Archana Bai Reddy is no stranger to hard work. In addition to finishing her final semester of classes and working as an LPN in a pediatric office, she volunteers in the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) call center in Prince William County. “In these uncertain times I believe it is my responsibility to serve the community. As a nursing student it is a great opportunity for me to apply what I’ve learned and assist people in need,” says Archana.

She is part of a team of four students who work in a virtual call center environment under the supervision of a School of Nursing faculty member. Archana has been trained on how to triage specific scenarios related to inbound calls. “This is a great opportunity for me, and I feel happy each time I answer a call and help someone who is in need. After I graduate and take a job as a RN, triaging will become part of my career. So, I can say this experience is preparing me for my future job as a nurse,” says Archana. She fields questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms, where to go for testing, and relays the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for quarantining, disinfecting, and reducing the risk of infection.

She believes her experience and education have prepared her to perform the duties at the call center and reports “an inner happiness” that comes from helping others each day. She has had a very positive experience as a nursing student at Mason and reports that “All my professors are excellent and are always ready to help their students succeed.”

Archana encourages others to volunteer at organizations like MRC or the Prince William County homeless shelter, if possible, and to experience a chance to give back to the community.