Department of Nutrition and Food Studies Joins Partnership with Maseno University, Building on Long Relationship Fostered by Constance Gewa, Associate Professor


Students, faculty, and staff from both institutions will benefit from the partnership by engaging in new research opportunities, exchange programs, and professional development activities. 


The College is proud to announce the recent partnership between George Mason University and Maseno University (MSU), located in Kisumu, Kenya.  Led by Constance Gewa, associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, the partnership aims to stimulate and support educational and intercultural projects between MSU and Mason's Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. 

“This [partnership] will expand research and study abroad opportunities between faculty and students in the two universities,” says Gewa, who laid the foundation for the partnership.

The partnership is a result of relationships Gewa established with researchers and community members in Kenya. From 2016-17, Gewa collected data on food security among women and children in rural Kenya and returned in summer 2019 to share her findings. Since then, Gewa has collaborated with Maseno University and other Kenya institutions on a research study that examines childhood obesity rates in rural and urban Kenya.

“The Maseno University partnership builds on our department's ongoing relationship, spearheaded by Dr. Gewa, which seeks to address the growing problem of childhood obesity and related health problems in urban and rural Kenya,” says Lawrence Cheskin, chair of the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies.

The collaboration will enhance global scholarship and learning by inviting faculty and research personnel from Maseno University to participate in teaching and research activities and professional development opportunities. Faculty from each institution will work in areas such as organizing symposia, conferences, short courses, exchange programs, and meetings on research issues. In addition, the partnership will cultivate collaborative research, continuing education programs, and joint post-doctoral research activities for Mason and MSU students.

The College anticipates a successful collaboration with Maseno University and the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. More information on the partnership will be available in the following weeks. 

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