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HAP Graduate Student Takes First Place in National Capital Healthcare Executives Essay Contest

October 18, 2016

Jenny Gladieux, a graduate student in the Department of Health Administration and Policy’s PhD in Health Services Research program, received first place in the National Capital Healthcare Executives (NCHE) annual essay contest. Gladieux is concentrating her PhD study in health systems and policy, and currently works in government relations for a small, boutique consulting firm that specializes in health policy.

This year’s essay topic, which was open to graduate-level students at five D.C. and Northern Virginia universities, was, “Pretend you are a health care executive, and you just received a $50 million donation and access to a team of whatever kinds of experts you need. Describe the first project you would undertake to positively impact health care.” Gladieux wrote her essay about creating a federal all payer claims database. The essay will be published on the NCHE website.

Gladieux was recognized during NCHE’s annual C-suite roundtable on October 17 and received a $2,000 scholarship for her essay.

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