Undergraduate Admissions

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Apply to Mason

Information regarding the admissions process, requirements, deadlines, and fees is on the George Mason University Office of Admissions website.

Declare a Minor

  1. Print and fill out a Minor Declaration (Undergraduate) form (pdf).
  2. Submit the form to the minor advisor.  

Declare a Certificate

  1. Print and fill out an Undergraduate Declaration of Certificate form (.pdf).
  2. Submit the form to the certificate advisor.

Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions are determined by George Mason's Office of Admissions. The College of Health and Human Services is unable to issue decisions on University admissions. Contact the George Mason Office of Admissions for information on admissions guidelines and requirements.

University Deferment Policy

Applicants who did not receive an admission decision for the original term they applied will be reviewed for a decision for the next semester. Applicants who were admitted but chose not to attend the semester they were admitted can request to be considered again for admission to the next term. In both instances, admission is subject to university enrollment limits. Applicants who decide to remain at their previous institution will be required to submit in progress grades before their deferred application is reviewed for a decision.

Once you request deferment, it is your responsibility to drop all registered courses by the deadline date listed in the academic calendar. Failure to do so may result in full or partial tuition liability. All classes in which you are enrolled past the drop deadline will remain part of your official academic record, which includes tuition liability and receiving a grade of "F."