Research in Nutrition and Food Studies


Faculty Research

The Department of Nutrition and Food Studies’ research interests combine a multidisciplinary approach to human nutrition. The research of our faculty is focused on the development of successful community nutrition interventions addressing obesity and chronic disease, nutrition assessment, nutritional adequacy, food justice and insecurity, and the development of nutrition- and food-related programs and policies.

Our research activities and interests include:

  • How nutritional changes during pregnancy and infancy can prevent obesity and other chronic diseases later in life
  • Use of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) in pediatrics to assess bone density and body composition
  • Dietary assessment methods
  • Dietary practices and nutritional status of mothers and children affected by HIV
  • The investigation of minor chemical components of food and their health-promoting bioactivity
  • Adaptation of energy and substrate metabolism to short and long-term changes in diet composition and energy balance
  • Effects of specific dietary components on energy metabolism and body composition
  • Role of circadian rhythm on body weight and energy balance

See faculty bios for individual faculty member’s research projects and interests.