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The undergraduate certificate in nutrition offers a variety of courses in nutrition for current and future health care professionals, researchers, and others who are commonly faced with community-related nutrition issues. The program is intended to help health care professionals and others who would like to increase their knowledge in nutrition, and is designed for students from all disciplines.

The undergraduate certificate in nutrition provides an introduction to nutrition as a science and an overview of basic nutrition. Students in the program also learn about nutrition education, community nutrition, nutrition needs throughout a person's life, and the relationship between nutrition and chronic diseases.

Completion Requirements

The undergraduate certificate requires at least 24 credits of coursework, and can be completed on a full- or part-time basis. The undergraduate certificate in nutrition's curriculum, including short descriptions of the required courses, is available in Mason's University Catalog.


Please contact the coordinator of the program.

Dr. Constance Gewa
Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies
Phone: 703-993-2173

Constance Gewa