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The minor in nutrition offers a variety of courses for students pursuing undergraduate degrees at George Mason University. The minor is intended to increase knowledge of nutrition issues and complements degrees related to nutrition, health, education, and more. Students enrolled in the nutrition minor can also use the skills to better understand their own nutritional needs and improve their health.

The nutrition minor provides students with a foundation for understanding nutrition education for a variety of populations; community nutrition and the specific health issues faced in different community settings; the nutritional needs throughout a person's life (from pregnancy to the elderly); and nutritional therapy and prevention as it relates to chronic disease.

Completion Requirements

Students are required to take an introductory nutrition course before beginning the coursework in the 15-credit nutrition minor. The nutrition minor's curriculum, including descriptions of the required courses, is available in Mason's University Catalog.


Please contact the coordinator of the program.

Dr. Constance Gewa
Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies
Phone: 703-993-2173

Constance Gewa