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Mission Statement

The School of Nursing Advisory Committee works to build a strong foundation of support for the school by fostering communication and partnerships with the community at large. Members guide and assist the Director’s ongoing work to deliver the highest quality education to undergraduate and graduate nursing students. The Committee collaborates with the Director to continuously move the school to higher levels of excellence, innovation, and national/international prominence. The group is composed of respected community and health care leaders with professional or voluntary links to the school.

Guiding Principles

The activity of the School of Nursing Advisory Committee is guided by the following principles:

  • A public university must be responsive to societal needs;
  • Teamwork and partnerships are essential to long-term success;
  • Education programs and university services must be relevant and of the highest quality;
  • Diversity of opinions should be valued and embraced; and
  • Community support is essential to sustain high quality educational experiences and providing evidence-based health care services to our community.


  • Work together to build a strong foundation of support and communication between the community at large and the school;
  • Identify opportunities for support of the school activities; and
  • Serve as advocates for the School of Nursing.

Structure and Membership

The Committee shall consist of a Chair and approximately 12 members who shall serve at the discretion of the Director of the School of Nursing. All members serve an initial two-year term, and thereafter membership may be renewed for addition two-year terms. The Committee Chair shall serve a two-year term following election by the Committee Members and approved by the Director. The Director may request reappointment of the Committee Chair for an additional two-year term at his/her discretion.

Role of an Advisory Committee Member

  • Understands the mission and academic programs of the school and provides advice about future directions;
  • Promotes the role of the school at the college and university levels, making statements in support of core values pertaining to education and service in the college;
  • Serves as an ambassador for the school in the metropolitan community, seeking to involve others in the life of the university and engender excitement about its mission, priorities, and goals;
  • Assists in identifying philanthropic resources within the community;
  • Assists in the identification and recruitment of new members to the Advisory Committee; and
  • Attends meetings of the Advisory Committee and participates on subcommittees, as appropriate.

Role of the Committee Chair

  • Meets with the Director to review strategies to meet goals and objectives;
  • Convenes the meetings of the full Advisory Committee;
  • Serves as a spokesperson of the Committee through school, college, and university publications and marketing materials; and
  • Represents the school interests within the greater George Mason University community with relevant groups such as the Alumni Association and the College of Health and Human Services Advisory Board.

Committee Members

Name Term
Patricia Christensen, RN, MSN, NEA-BC
Director of Nursing Excellence and Innovation
Inova Health System
09/2013 through 08/2015
Cindy Glover
Vice President/Chief of Nursing
Reston Hospital Center
09/2013 through 08/2015
Janet Hinchcliff
Associate Director, Navigant Consulting
Metri Group
09/2013 through 08/2015
Cameron Muir
Executive Vice President of Quality and Access
Capital Caring/Capital Hospice
09/2013 through 08/2015
Leslie Pembrook
President & CEO
The Medical Team Inc.
09/2013 through 08/2015
Joan Richardson
Advanced Care Management
09/2013 through 08/2015
Anne Rieger
Assistant Vice President
Community Safety Net, Inova Health System
09/2013 through 08/2015
Heidi Rothenhaus
Vice President of Clinical Health Development
Megellan Health Services
09/2013 through 08/2015
Virginia Saba
Nursing Informatics Expert
Nursing Informatics Consultant
09/2013 through 08/2015
Adrienne Scherger
Marketing Specialist, Community Liasion, Independent
Community Affiliation
09/2013 through 08/2015