Mission, Vision, Values, Goals

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Mission Statement

The School of Nursing provides an innovative, caring, and collaborative learning environment. Graduates demonstrate integrity and are prepared for interdisciplinary roles as clinicians, educators, researchers, and administrators. Faculty and students contribute to the health of all populations through state-of-the-art education, service and research.

Vision Statement

The George Mason University School of Nursing will be a nationally recognized center of excellence in inquiry, knowledge, and expertise. The school’s educators, clinicians, and researchers produce the next generation of nursing leaders empowered and focused on innovative responses to address the challenges of a rapidly changing and culturally diverse health care environment.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Ethical standards
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Respect for the dignity and well-being of others
  • Caring
  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Social justice

Strategic Goals

1.  The School of Nursing will conduct ongoing review, using quality processes, of its curriculum to make adaptations, and initiate changes as appropriate to meet the needs of an ever changing health environment.

Performance Indicators:   Improve quality of educational programs to ensure that the undergraduate pass rate for the national licensure exam is above state average; within 1 year post-completion master's graduates take and pass specialty certification on first attempt; within 6-12 months post-completion PhD students demonstrate AACN QI outcomes.

(This goal corresponds to CHHS Goal 2)

2.  Improve the quality of educational programs by increasing the use of evidence-based educational strategies and innovations in all levels of the curricula, e.g., new technologies such as web-based platforms, Distance Education, simulation, and other new and evolving technologies.

Performance Indicators:  Number of faculty members who are using technology and innovations in the classroom; number of new initiatives using technology and innovations; number of faculty who present/publish about technology and innovations.

(This goal corresponds to CHHS Goal 2)

3.  The School of Nursing faculty will increase research and scholarship productivity.

Performance Indicators:  School of Nursing programs of research/scholarship will achieve annual extramural funding levels that are at or above 25% of college goal by 2014.

(This goal corresponds to CHHS Goal 1)

4.  The School of Nursing will strategically plan enrollment growth to respond to the rapidly changing health care environment. This would include:

Performance Indicators: 

  • Strategically manage select programs and developing new programs
  • Right size undergraduate program by 2014 (renew anually and adjust)
  • Increase size of graduate programs (MSN 5 FTEs per year; establish DNP, grow from 5-10 FTEs in 2010 to 25 FTEs in 2014)

(This goal corresponds to CHHS Goal 2)

5.  Enhance the health and well-being of the School of Nursing.

Performance Indicators: 

  • 50% of faculty will achieve certification in specialty practice by 2011 and 100% by 2014.
  • Establish faculty practice within the School of Nursing to achieve 75% of college goal by 2014.

(This goal corresponds to CHHS Goal 4)

6.  Increase collaboration with the community.

Performance Indicators:  Increase the number of formal relationships (exchanges of goods and services) that will enhance students' educational experiences by 2014.

(This goal corresponds to CHHS Goal 3)