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Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions are based on a variety of factors, including written and oral communication skills, academic strength, and volunteer and professional experience.

Decision letters for the Traditional Pathway and the Accelerated Second Degree Pathway are sent out by email in mid-April, and admitted students begin their nursing courses the following August when the fall semester begins. Decision letters for the RN to BSN pathway are emailed out in mid-April for fall admission and in mid-December for spring admission.

Waitlisted Students

The Office of Student Affairs is unable to provide status updates to waitlisted students. If a spot becomes available, the student will be contacted. Typically, the majority of admitted students offered admission to our program accept the offer, so it is rare to admit students from the waitlist. If waitlisted students do not hear from us by July 1, we encourage these applicants to make other academic plans for the fall.

Have a Backup Plan

The BSN program is highly competitive, and meeting minimum eligibility guidelines does not guarantee admission into the program. Admissions decisions are truly holistic and factors such as writing ability and communication skills, and experience are considered in addition to academic history. The admission committee carefully considers all applicants in the review process. Unfortunately, we are not able to admit every qualified student who applies to the program each year. Thus, every applicant is encouraged to have a thoughtful backup plan.

Common Reasons for Denial

Due to the volume of applications received, advisors are unable to discuss individual admission decisions. Common reasons for denial include:

  • Incomplete application
  • Nursing prerequisite GPA was not competitive
  • Below a C in any of the required general education or nursing prerequisite courses
  •  Sheer volume – given the volume of applications received for the limited number of clinical spaces, other applicants presented stronger applications

Admission Appeals

BSN decisions may not be appealed. No exceptions to this policy can be made.