BSN Admissions: BSN Application Process

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Application Deadlines

Program Fall Deadline Spring Deadline Application Opens
Accelerated Second Degree Pathway, Nursing, BSN 1/15 None One month prior to deadline
Co-Enrollment Pathway, Nursing, BSN 3/30 11/30

Fall: December 15
Spring: September 1

Mason Veterans in Nursing Program, BSN 3/30 11/30

Fall: December 15
Spring: September 1

RN to BSN Pathway, Nursing, BSN 1/15 10/1 One month prior to deadline
Traditional Pathway, Nursing, BSN 1/15 None One month prior to deadline

Receive a G#

When you apply to George Mason University through the general admissions website, you will be assigned a G number (G#). Be certain to apply to the university at least three weeks prior to submitting your BSN application, as your G# will be required in order for you to submit your BSN application.

Part A: Online Application

Visit the BSN Online Departmental Application website for more information about the online application (Part A).

For your convenience, you may view a sample application to help organize your application materials. This document contains the questions you will be asked during the online application. The sample application may not be submitted in lieu of the online application.

Part B: Slideroom Submissions (Traditional and Accelerated Applicants Only)

Applicants to the Traditional and Accelerated pathways must submit their essay, resume, and three-minute video via SlideRoom. The topics for your presentation and essay become available on the BSN Application website approximately one month prior to the application deadline. You may submit your essay, resume, and three-minute video presentation via SlideRoom only after submitting your online BSN Departmental Application (Part A). Visit the BSN SlideRoom website for more information about SlideRoom submissions (part B).

RN to BSN applicants do not complete this portion of the application process. Instead, RN to BSN applicants submit their resume and other supporting documents in their BSN Departmental Application supporting documents package (Part C).

Part C: Supporting Documents

Visit your program pathway for the list of required supporting documents for Part C of the application.

All items on the supporting document checklist are required, unless "if applicable" is indicated. The Office of Student Affairs is unable to waive requirements.  All documents in Part C must be submitted at the same time and in the same packet.

The Office of Student Affairs is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. to receive hand-delivered BSN Part C packets. No packets will be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on January 15. As the BSN application is a self-managed process, plan ahead to make sure you are able to turn in your packet by the deadline. Do not leave your Part C packet outside the office or under the door if you arrive after 5:00 p.m. on January 15. Your application will be considered late. We cannot guarantee the safety of your packet if it is left unattended nor can we guarantee it will reviewed.

If you choose to submit your supporting documents package via mail, please ensure that the package is postmarked by January 15. If it is postmarked after this date, it will be considered late, and we cannot guarantee that it will be reviewed.

Confirmation of Application Receipt

All applicants who submit their supporting documents package (i.e., Part C of the BSN application) by mail will receive an email confirming receipt of the application. Please allow seven days for a response before contacting our office after sending your documents package. Applicants who deliver Part C to the CHHS Office of Student Affairs in person during operating hours will not receive an email confirmation. Instead, they will receive a paper confirmation in person from a staff member when Part C is delivered.

Incomplete Applications

It is your responsibility to be certain all coursework is complete by the deadline and to check your supporting documents package (Part C) against the confirmation and application checklist to be certain all items are included. Your application will be reviewed based on those items submitted. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

Late Applications

Documents submitted after the January 15 deadline will not be accepted or reviewed for fall admission. Documents submitted after the October 1 deadline will not be accepted or reviewed for spring admission.

Application Status Updates

Typically, all decision letters for the fall semester are sent via email by the end of April. Decision letters for spring entry into the RN to BSN program are emailed in December. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, we are unable to provide status updates to applicants. We appreciate your patience throughout the decision process.