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Chelsea Ferguson

Chelsea Ferguson, BSN ‘15

RN, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus

I chose to attend George Mason University simply because it is such an honored and recognized institution throughout the nation. I especially chose Mason due to the School of Nursing’s awards, accreditations, and recognitions. The School of Nursing guided me and opened up many great opportunities, which led me to my current employment. In the NICU, I care for sick infants, both acute and chronic, that are born prematurely. My job is to save, care, and ensure these infants’ health and promote optimal growth in hopes that they will eventually be sent home to live a happy and illness-free life. I would have never been where I am today and reached the amazing accomplishments I have if it wasn’t for the School of Nursing.

Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown, MSN (Nursing Administration) ‘15

Geriatric Nurse Navigator, Sibley Hospital

The flexibility of the online program and convenience to my home are why I first looked at the School of Nursing at Mason. Once I told a few people I was looking at Mason, it was a pleasant surprise how many people had either gone to Mason or knew somebody who did and raved about it. Fortunately for me, they were all correct. I had amazing professors throughout the program, but that last year of classroom learning with people who were fighting the same good fight as me, just in a different place, that was powerful. Everyone learned a lot, but there was also a therapeutic element to being in the same battle to be better health care leaders. The practicum armed me with skills you don’t get in the classroom and wouldn’t get following somebody from your own organization. I use the skills I learned from my preceptor every day and will continue to the rest of my career. I’m grateful for all I learned at Mason both personally and professionally.

Sarah Stanmyre

Sarah Stanmyre, MSN (Nursing Administration) ‘15

Clinical Director, Emergency Care Centers of Fairfax and Reston, Inova Health System

I initially started this program to give me something to focus on as I began my nursing leadership career. During the course of the program and mostly during the last year when I was in the midst of my practicum, I got married, got pregnant, moved, got divorced, became a mom, and started my new position (the one I currently hold). The amount of care, concern and support I received from the faculty and students in this program were overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. My Mason program has enhanced what I have been doing throughout my career. What I learned in every class made what I did every day at work more meaningful. I understood my daily work better because of my courses at Mason and what I learned. Mason also gave me a valuable network of peers and friends who are all going through the same steps in their careers.

Adel Bashatah

Adel Bashatah, BSN ’02, PhD ‘07

Director of Medical and Health Sciences Programs, Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, Embassy of Saudi Arabia

I came to Mason in 2001 with a group of 10 Saudi students for the BSN program. I did not know George Mason at that time; however, the first day of my study changed everything. I found the hospitality and the understanding of my culture. I found the faculty very supportive, and they understood my concerns. They gave me the opportunity to express my feelings and my life experiences. Mason gave me the sense of interrelationship. It gave me the meaning of understanding others, caring about the world, and learning many new things in my life.