Population Health Center: Professional and Workforce Development

“Putting knowledge into action is exactly what we’re trained to do as a College and as educators. The Center offers faculty practice and research opportunities – complemented by access to technology and innovative models of care to expand the impact on the region.”

Caroline Sutter, Director of Professional and Workforce Development, Population Health Center
Telehealth Training

The Population Health Center provides on-going workforce development opportunities such as telehealth training.

Professional Development

The Population Health Center will be the hub for professional and workforce development, including the Northern Virginia AHEC.

The Population Health Center supports transdisciplinary development for practicing professionals and students. Interprofessional experiential-learning opportunities help students and practitioners explore evolving delivery methods such as telehealth and mHealth (mobile health), evaluating new care models, analyzing health data, and applying evidence-based practice in social work, nursing, nutrition, and global and community health.

The Center will house the Northern Virginia Area Health Education Center (NVAHEC) and serve as the leading source of professional development for the region’s health care workforce pipeline.