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Caroline Sutter, DNP

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As a doctorally trained and credentialed Family Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Sutter managed a faculty driven nurse-managed clinic from 2006-2012 in collaboration with a large community college nursing program. These Clinics served low income, immigrant populations and provided a vital service in an area with limited access to healthcare as well as provided community based learning experiences for undergraduate nursing students. Dr. Sutter’s expertise in new technologies to help improve communication in environments where provider and patients speak different languages was the focus of her doctoral project. She evaluated current translation services being utilized at these clinics and was able to perform a critical analysis of potential options to improve translation services in this environment. Currently Dr. Sutter serves as the Co-director of the Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinics. She uses the academic nurse managed clinics, which are strategically located in medically underserved areas (MUA), to utilize the Bridge Care model of care for underserved and uninsured populations and conducts translational research on evidence-based care for patients with multiple chronic diseases.


DNP, Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner, George Mason University (2001)

MSN, Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner, George Mason University (2001)

AAS, Nursing, Marymount University (1993)



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"Nurse Education Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR)," HRSA D11HP29861. Sutter (Principal Investigator), July 2016-June 2018. Role: Investigator. 

"Mason and Partners (MAP) Interprofessional Clinic: Bridge for Chronic Disease Care," Health Resources and Services Administration D09HP26955. July 2014-June 2017. Role: Principal Investigator

"Nurse Education Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR)," HRSA D11HP19018. Milligan, R. (Principal Investigator). Role: Nurse Practitioner

Honors & Awards

Jack Wood Award Recipient, Partnership Initiative Category, 2017, George Mason University

Virginia Nurse Practitioner of the Year, 2016, American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Evelyn E. Cohelan Faculty Leadership Award, 2015, College of Health and Human Services, George Mason Universtiy

Faculty of the Year, 2012, Northern Virginia Community College

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