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Adjunct Faculty

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Dr. Benjamin Schwartz is Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Global and Community Health. Dr. Schwartz’s research interests are communicable disease epidemiology and documenting effective strategies to improve population health outcomes and reduce disparities. He is an expert in the public health aspects of acute communicable diseases and the investigation and prevention of disease outbreaks. Before coming to Mason, Dr. Schwartz was the Deputy Director of Acute Communicable Disease Control at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health; the Director of the Global Health Program at CARE; the Senior Science Advisor at the National Vaccine Program Office, Department of Health and Human Services; and he served in multiple positions at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including as an Associate Director for Science in the National Immunization Program.   


MD, Medicine, Washington University

BA, Biochemistry, Dartmouth College


Research Interests

  • Public Health
  • Communicable Disease
  • Population Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Disparities
  • Emerging Infections 


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