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Lisa Lindley, DrPH, MPH, CHES

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Dr. Lindley, Associate Professor of Global and Community Health, teaches health education and promotion, health behavior theories, LGBTQ health, and HIV/STI prevention. Her research interests include sexual health promotion and the prevention of HIV/STIs and unintended pregnancy among underserved populations, including adolescents/young adults, racial/ethnic and sexual minority populations.


DrPH, Health Promotion and Education, University of South Carolina (1997)

MPH, Health Promotion and Education, University of South Carolina (1993)

BSEd, Community Health Education, George Mason University (1991)


Research Interests

  • LGBTQ health
  • HIV/STI and unintended pregnancy prevention
  • Sexual health promotion

Select Publications

Hartnett C, Walsemann K, Lindley L, Negraia D. Sexual orientation concordance and (un)happiness about births. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Accepted for publication: June 2017.

Hartnett C, Lindley L, Walsemann K. Congruence across sexual orientation dimensions and risk for unintended pregnancy among adult U.S. women. Women’s Health Issues. 2017; 27(2): 145-151.

Lindley L, Walsemann K. Sexual orientation and risk of pregnancy among New York City high school students. American Journal of Public Health. 2015; 105(7):1379-1386,

Kornides M, Kitsantas P, Lindley L, Wu H. Factors associated with young adults’ pregnancy likelihood. Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health. 2015; 60(2), 158-168.

Mink M, Lindley L, Weinstein A. Stress, stigma, and sexual minority status: The intersectional ecology model of LGBTQ health. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services. 2014; 26(4), 502-521.

Austin E, Lindley L, Mena L, Crosby R, Muzny C. Families of choice and non-collegiate sororities and fraternities among lesbian and bisexual African-American women in a southern community: implications for sexual and reproductive health research. Sexual Health. 2014; 11(1) 24-30. DOI:

Walsemann K, Lindley L, Gentile D, Welihinda S. Educational attainment by life course sexual attraction: Prevalence and correlates in a nationally representative sample of young adults. Population Research & Policy Review. 2014; 33: 579-602.

Lindley L, Walsemann K, Carter J. Invisible and at risk: STDs among young adult sexual minority women in the U.S. Perspectives on Sexual & Reproductive Health. 2013; 45(2): 66-73.

Lindley L, Elkind J, Landi S, Brandt H. Receipt of the HPV vaccine among female college students in the U.S. Journal of American College Health. 2013; 61(1): 18-27.

Lindley L, Friedman D, Struble C. Becoming visible: Assessing the availability of online sexual health information for lesbians. Health Promotion Practice. 2012; 13(4): 472-480.

Lindley L, Walsemann K, Carter J. The association of sexual orientation measures with young adults’ health-related outcomes. American Journal of Public Health. 2012; 102(6): 1177-1185.

Coleman J, Lindley L, Annang L, Saunders R, Gaddist B. Development of a framework for HIV/AIDS prevention programs in African American churches. AIDS Patient Care & STDs. 2012; 26(2): 114-124.

Struble C, Lindley L, Montgomery K, Hardin J. Overweight and obesity in lesbian and bisexual college women. Journal of American College Health. 2010; 59(1): 51-56.

Lindley L, Coleman J, Gaddist B, White J. Informing faith-based HIV/AIDS interventions: HIV-related knowledge and stigmatizing attitudes at Project F.A.I.T.H. churches in South Carolina. Public Health Reports. 2010; 125; Supplement 1: 12-20.

Lindley L, Brandt H, Annang L, Barnett C, Hardin J, Burcin M. Receipt of routine gynecological exams among sexually active female college students. Journal Women’s Health. 2009;18(8): 1195-1200.

Lindley L, Barnett C, Brandt H, Hardin J, Burcin M. STDs among sexually active female college students: Does sexual orientation make a difference? Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health; 2008; 40(4): 212-217.

Lindley L, Kerby M, Nicholson T, Lu N. Sexual behaviors and sexually transmitted infections among self-identified lesbian and bisexual college women. Journal LGBT Health Research. 2007; 3(3): 41-54.

Richter D, Dauner K, Lindley L, Reininger B, Oglesby W, Prince M, Thompson-Robinson M, Jones R, Potts L. Evaluation results of the CDC/ASPH Institute for HIV Prevention Leadership: A capacity-building educational program for HIV prevention program managers. Journal of Public Health Management & Practice. 2007; January (Suppl), S64-S71.

Brandt H, McCree D, Lindley L, Sharpe P, Hutto B. An evaluation of printed HPV educational materials. Cancer Control: Cancer, Culture and Literacy Supplement. 2005; 12: 103-106.

Lindley L, Nicholson T, Kerby M, Lu N. HIV/STI associated risk behaviors among self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender college students in the United States. AIDS Education & Prevention: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 2003; 15(5):413-429.

Lindley L, Reininger B, Saunders, R. Support for school-based reproductive health services among South Carolina voters. Journal of School Health. 2001; 71(2): 66-72.

Lindley L, Reininger B. Support for instruction about homosexuality in South Carolina public schools. Journal of School Health. 2001; 71(1): 17-22.

Lindley L, Reininger B, Vincent M, Richter D, Saunders R, Shi L. Support for school-based sexuality education among South Carolina voters. Journal of School Health. 1998; 68(5): 205-212.

Honors & Awards

Master Teacher Award, Junior Faculty, 2015, College of Health and Human Services, George Mason University

The Lambda Distinguished Alumni Award, 2015, Lambda Alumni Chapter, George Mason University

Allies Who’ve Made a Difference, 2013, LGBTQ Resources, George Mason University

Leadership Legacy Program, Spring 2012, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

James A. Keith Excellence in Teaching Award 2009, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina

Distinguished Community Partner, December 2006, World AIDS Day Planning Committee, Columbia, SC

Inductee, Delta Omega, National Public Health Honorary, Mu Chapter, May 2004, Norman J. Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina

Faculty Award for Teaching 2002, College of Health & Human Services, Western Kentucky University

Faculty Appreciation Award 2001, Chi Omega Sorority, Western Kentucky University

Faculty Appreciation Award 2000, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Western Kentucky University

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