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Nursing Administration Concentration, MSN

For questions about the program and admissions process, contact:

Victoria Hough

Dr. Cheryl Oetjen
Term Assistant Professor
Assistant Dean for MSN and DNP Concentrations

Cheryl Oetjen

Program Overview

As respected leaders in health care, nurse executives develop strategic organizational plans for implementation of evidence-based patient care. Their aim is to shape health care through innovative and expert nursing leadership. These nurse leaders work to assure a therapeutic and secure work environment in which nurses can practice high quality, cost effective, and safe patient care for the 21st century. (American Organization of Nurse Executives Web Site, 2012-2014 Strategic Plan)

Degree Requirements

The master's program in nursing, nursing administration concentration requires 39 graduate credits. Of these, a 15-credit core consists of course work in the theoretical and ethical foundations of nursing, nursing research and biostatistics, nursing informatics, and the organization of nursing and health care delivery systems. The remaining credits are satisfied by completing one of the concentrations. The nursing administration concentration requires an additional 24 credits.

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Student Requirements

Student health exams, immunization records, and criminal background checks are part of the final admission process. Graduate students are required to have up-to-date annual health exams, current immunizations and CPR certification. Students must be in the process of completing a hepatitis B immunization series when they enroll for their first practicum course. Criminal background checks are required of all School of Nursing students. No student may attend practicum courses unless all these requirements are met.

All students enrolled in the School of Nursing are required to maintain health insurance at all times.

All students are required to use an active Mason email account.


The Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Administration is for nurses that want to advance their nursing knowledge and obtain skills and knowledge to effectively lead within the healthcare setting.  Master's-prepared nurses will learn skills and knowledge to manage healthcare needs within current ethical, legal, and professional standards.  Graduates will obtain positions of leaderships in healthcare organizations and hold a variety of titles.  

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