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Welcome to the Department of Rehabilitation Science at George Mason University. Rehabilitation science brings together the expertise of many different disciplines and clinical professions to consider a single issue: how we can optimize human function and performance in daily life by better understanding the causes, course and consequences of disability and developing new interventions to promote optimal functional performance. As scientists we seek to improve the daily function and quality of life of all people by providing the scientific foundation for better diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions by clinical rehabilitation professionals.

Rehabilitation science is an integrative discipline, which encompasses several primary areas of study. Our faculty represents an array of professional perspectives and disciplines including physiology, physical therapy, movement science, sociology, and psychology. Our students are equally diverse in their background, ranging from health professionals and exercise scientists, to those whose research interests have led them to the central questions of the discipline regarding human performance and function.

Our programs, both at the BS and the PhD level, are particularly oriented toward the study of individuals with chronic illness, a rapidly growing segment of the American population. Individuals with chronic illness, their families, their communities, and society at large suffer the loss of human potential and diminished quality of life without the essential basic, clinical, and translational research in rehabilitation that enables optimal function and enhances quality of life.

There are relatively few rehabilitation science programs in the United States today—we are proud to be one of those programs. Our BS and PhD programs offer an interdisciplinary and research-intensive degree, encouraging intra- and inter-institutional scientific pursuits. Moreover, our department takes full advantage of the robust research community in the greater Washington area. Our faculty has a strong commitment to mentor the next generation of scientists by working closely with our students in a collaborative environment.

We seek students who want to grow with us as scholars as they prepare for professional careers and leadership positions in academic, clinical, governmental, and industry environments. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome any questions you may have about our courses or pursuing an BS or a PhD in rehabilitation science.

Andrew Guccione, PhD, DPT, PT, FAPTA
Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Science

Andrew Guccione