Rehabilitation Science, Minor

The Department of Rehabilitation Science's minor is an innovative sequence of courses designed to enhance the Mason undergraduate student's academic preparation for clinical and research graduate programs. The focus of the minor is to provide a foundation of knowledge on the science of human movement as it pertains to both health and human performance.

Professional Outcomes

The minor in rehabilitation science is designed for students interested in graduate admissions in physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant programs, exercise physiology, and biomechanics.


The minor is an exceptional opportunity for undergraduate students interested in enhancing both their understanding of human function and their pursuit of a wide range of clinical and academic graduate studies.

Curriculum Information

A minor in rehabilitation science requires a minimum of 17 credits. Students must earn a C- or better in each course of the 17-credit curriculum to successfully complete the minor. The program curriculum, including short descriptions of the required courses, is available in Mason's University Catalog.

For policies governing all undergraduate minors, see the Academic Policies chapter of the catalog at

Point of Contact

Josh Bowen, MS
Department Coordinator
Department of Rehabilitation Science
Robinson Hall B, Room 477C

Joshua Bowen

Student Testimonial

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the clinical exercise and movement science minor because it gave me opportunities I would not have found elsewhere at Mason. The professors are excellent educators and the smaller class sizes allow them to teach each student individually to truly help them understand the class concepts. The students in the rehabilitation science program are also very helpful, whether it be classmates eager to share in your learning and help you with a group project, or graduate students eager to share their time and knowledge. Without the rehabilitation science program I would not be prepared academically for the road ahead, but I would also not be ready to be a true professional in my field. I will be attending the University of Miami Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in fall 2014, and I can honestly say that it is due in large part to the amazing program here at Mason.

– Daniel Lehnert, Mason 2013

Daniel Lehnert