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Dr. Tony Yang

In 2017, there have already been more measles cases in Minnesota than in all of the United States in 2016. The 2015 measles outbreak in California spread to at least seven other states. In these states are areas where clusters exist where families use nonmedical exemptions to opt out of vaccinations. Dr. Tony Yang is a George Mason University’s College of Health and Human Services researcher whose work in health policy and law examined the contributions of these exemptions to disease outbreaks. Dr. Yang’s work is helping to provide evidence-based information about current laws and public health implications. His recent article provided a toolbox for legislatures to understand the policy options and potential impacts of allowing nonmedical exemptions for vaccination requirements.


The College hosted a webinar on the subject of measles featuring Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen (Global and Community Health), Dr. Tony Yang (Health Administration and Policy), and Dr. Gloria Addo-Ayensu (Fairfax County Health Department), moderated by Dr. PJ Maddox (Health Administration and Policy).  The webinar video is below.  Speaker presentations and bios are on the Event Webpage.

Research Spotlights

Should the U.S. Restrict Welfare Benefits for Unvaccinated Children? Dr. Tony Yang examined Australian vaccine legislation and its relevance, legality, and ethics for a similar program in the United States. Read more.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Viewpoints & Commentary

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For Interviews 

Dr. Yang is available for interviews. Please contact Danielle Hawkins via email or call 703-993-1931. Journalists on deadline, or after hours, are advised to contact the Community Engagement office by email rather than office phone. Please put ON DEADLINE in the subject of the email, and be as specific as possible with your request.

Media's Response

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