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Course Buyouts 

Effective July 1, 2016, a tenured faculty member may “buy out” of a course for every 20% of annual salary support s/he receives from sponsored programs activities. A tenure-tracked and term faculty may buy out of a course for every 15% of annual salary. All full-time faculty members are expected to teach at least one course every other year to demonstrate their dedication to the teaching mission of the college.

Facilities and Administrative Cost Rate

The Facilities and Administrative Cost Rate, also referred to as Indirect Cost Rate, is available on the Office of Sponsored Programs' website. Once charged, the revenue from F&A costs are distributed following the university’s standard distribution formula: 

  • 29.4% University
  • 34.3% Provost
  • 2% BRL
  • 17.15% Dean
  • 6.86% Dept/Center*
  • 10.29% PI*

*Multi-department F&A Distribution: When faculty from two or more departments submit research proposals, they will divide the recovered F&A based on the total budgeted personnel expenses (includes salary and benefits) associated for individuals in that department. Note: This means that equipment, travel, supplies, and other non-personnel expenses will not be used in calculating how F&A will be distributed to the major units.

About Us

One of the primary functions of the Office of Research is to strengthen the research infrastructure important to faculty and student research. In carrying out this primary function, office personnel interact regularly with individual faculty members, the Provost’s Office, the dean of CHHS, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), similar offices in Mason’s other colleges and schools, as well as administrators in CHHS academic units.

General services provided to support faculty research include:

  • Arranging internal and external reviews of funding proposals
  • Identifying funding sources for faculty and student research projects
  • Assisting faculty members and OSP in the preparation of funding proposals
  • Providing post-award support to faculty members with externally funded projects
  • Disseminating faculty and student research activities on CHHS and university websites

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Points of Contact

  • Office of Research
    Robinson Hall A, Room 489
    4400 University Drive, MS 2G7
    Fairfax, VA 22030
  • Keith Howell, PhD
    Associate Dean for Research
  • Holly Park
    Assistant Director of
    Post Award Services
  • Rebecca Warden
    Grants Administrator