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Use screening tools to quickly assess severity of substance use and identify appropriate intervention or treatment.

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-C (AUDIT-C)

The AUDIT-C is an alcohol screen that can help identify if a person is a hazardous drinker or has an active alcohol use disorder (including alcohol abuse or dependence). Source: World Health Organization

CRAFFT Behavioral Health Screening Tool (CRAFFT)

The CRAFFT is a behavioral health screening tool for use with children under the age of 21 and is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Substance Abuse for use with adolescents. It is a mnemonic acronym of first letters of key words in the six screening questions (Car, Relax, Alone, Forget, Friends, Trouble). © John R. Knight, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital, 2016.

Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST-10)

The DAST-10 is a brief screening tool that can be administered by a clinician or self-administered. This tool assesses drug use during the past 12 months. Source: Skinner, H. A. (1982). The Drug Abuse Screening Test. Addictive Behavior, 7(4),363–371.

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-4)

The PHQ-4 is an ultra-brief screening tool for depression and anxiety. The PHQ-4 combines two validated two-item screeners. It can be used during outpatient or home visits, and can be administered by health care personnel or self-administered. Copyright © 1999 Pfizer, Inc.

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)

The PHQ-9 is a brief tool used for screening, diagnosing, and monitoring and measuring the severity of depression. It incorporates DSM-IV depression diagnostic criteria with other leading major depressive symptoms into one self-report tool. Copyright © 1999 Pfizer, Inc.

Screening to Brief Intervention (S2BI)

The S2BI is a brief tool for screening substance use. Suggested brief interventions based on screening score are provided.

For Older Adults: Short Michigan Alcohol Screening Test-Geriatric Version (SMAST-G)

The SMAST-G is used to detect “at-risk” alcohol use, alcohol abuse, or alcoholism in older adults. Older adults may show signs of drinking problems that are different, so the SMAST-G is designed to ask specific questions related to this population.

For Adolescents: CRAFFT Adolescent Screener

The CRAFFT (CAR, RELAX, ALONE, FORGET, FRIENDS, TROUBLE) is for adolescents 14 and older. The CRAFFT is a series of 6 questions developed to screen adolescents for high-risk alcohol and other drug use disorders simultaneously.

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