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CHHS Scholarship Recipient Profiles

2020 Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Recipients

Meet Ahmad Clemmons  
Recipient - ERPi Patriot Scholarship  
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Student  
Veteran, U.S. Air Force 

“What I value and cherish most about nursing and Mason is its inclusivity. As a veteran, nurse, and African American man, I feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated as a member of this community.” Ahmad Clemmons (DNP student) says receiving the ERPI scholarship eased the financial strain of pursuing a degree and focus on his education. 

Meet Natalie Delcid 
MSW ‘19 
Recipient - Amy Leachtenauer Miller Social Work Scholarship 

“The scholarship meant more to me than finances. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I got my life back.” Delcid began her graduate program trying to juggle her studies, internship, job, and living on her own for the first time. She now works for the City of Alexandria as a bilingual youth services coordinator. She is also pursuing her required clinical hours for her licensure. 

Meet Kayla Thompson 
BSN '20
Recipient - Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship

“As an accelerated nursing degree student, I will be doing in one year what most do in two... this doesn’t leave me much time to pick up extra shifts at work to cover tuition and the extra costs associated with this degree. I truly don’t think words will be able to adequately express how excited and relieved I was regarding this scholarship. The Lettie Pate Whitehead scholarship has literally been a God send. I was extremely concerned about how to pay tuition plus all life's normal bills as I felt as if I was barely scraping by before adding in tuition costs. Without the scholarship, I probably would not have been able to afford normal life plus tuition. With the scholarship, I will have been able to achieve a lifelong goal of mine, becoming a nurse. ” 


Meet Tamanna Kazi
BSN '19
Recipient - Kay McNamara Nursing Endowed Scholarship and the Florence M. Schaffner International Experience

“My scholarship donors have given this first-generation woman an opportunity to strive for her dreams without limitations. I plan on becoming an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (NP) in the ER for some time and then travel abroad with Doctors without Borders or NGOs to do some public health work.
I too plan one day to pass on this blessing of a scholarship to another woman who also needs someone to believe in her.” Read Tamanna's full story here.

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