BSW, Social Work
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of jobs are available in the social work field for a person holding a BSW

A: BSW students are prepared for generalist practice through the department’s curriculum and field placement. Examples of generalist practice jobs/agencies/field sites include:

  • Affordable housing programs
  • Advocacy organizations, legislators, and policy think tanks
  • Case management
  • Child care and after-school programs
  • Child welfare services
  • Community service boards
  • Emergency services (homeless services/shelters, domestic violence services/shelters)
  • Services for at-risk youth (foster care, group homes, residential living facilities, after-school programs, etc.)
  • Services for people with disabilities (including intellectual disabilities)
  • Services for older adults (adult day care, community-based living programs, home health care, nursing homes, etc.) 

Q: How many credits (and which ones) can I transfer into Mason’s program from another institution?

A: Transfer credit evaluations are handled by the Office of Admissions. A useful tool for seeing how credits might transfer can be found on the Office of Admissions’ website.  

Q: Who can I talk to about switching my major to social work?

A: Please email the BSW Program Director, Dr. Emily Ihara, at to schedule an appointment. In addition, you will need to complete the Undergraduate Change/Declaration of Academic Program form (pdf).