Why Social Work at Mason?

Learn in a Competency- and Strengths-based Educational Environment

  • Develop the critical thinking skills to adapt to needs in evolving situations — our students create solutions.
  • Build the generalist knowledge and skills to understand what it means to be a social worker
  • Collaborate on faculty research in behavioral health, immigration, human trafficking, and more

Promote Change That Has A Lasting Impact on Communities and People

  • Acquire specialist knowledge to work with individuals, families, and groups
  • Cultivate a skill set that emphasizes empowerment, inclusion, and systems transformation
  • Influence societal changes that have a direct effect on local and regional communities

Develop the Necessary Skills to Serve Diverse Populations

  • Acquire the cultural competencies needed to address the needs of diverse populations
  • Explore the changing needs of different communities through a diverse student body
  • Apply specialist knowledge to multiple practice environments

Take Advantage of Our Proximity to the Nation’s Capital

  • Located just 15 miles from Washington, DC
  • Gain hands-on experiences in national, government, and community field sites
  • Work with systems of all sizes and levels