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The procedures for academic grade appeals in CHHS are consistent with policies specified in the Grade Appeals section of the University Catalog. All changes of final grades must be initiated, approved, and recorded by the last day of classes of the next regular semester (spring for fall grades, and fall for spring and summer term grades).

Procedure for Students Appealing a Grade

  1. You should first ask the instructor in writing (email is fine) to reconsider the grade and include a rationale for the grade appeal.
  2. In the case where you and the instructor are unable to agree, you may appeal the case in writing to the head of the academic unit (department chair, director). Contact the academic unit to request the departmental appeal form.

Grade Appeal Review Process

  1. If the unit head decides that there is sufficient merit to warrant a faculty review, they will form a hearing committee of three faculty members who are peers of the instructor who assigned the grade and one faculty member external to the academic unit.
  2. If they determine that the complaint is without merit and deny your appeal, you may request the College of Health and Human Services’ Associate Dean of Academic Affairs assess the merit of the appeal. If the Associate Dean feels there is merit to the complaint, a hearing committee will be formed as above.
  3. The instructor and the student may each challenge and have replaced one of the three members of the hearing committee without giving a reason for the challenge. The committee will meet separately with the instructor and the student to explore the full particulars of the case. One nonparticipating observer of the student’s choice and one nonparticipating observer of the instructor’s choice may attend the meetings.
  4. After the hearing committee has reviewed the case thoroughly, it will issue a written recommendation and reason for its findings about the matter to the unit head (with a copy to the faculty member). At this time, the faculty member will have an opportunity to take the recommended action, if any.
  5. If the matter is not resolved at this point, the unit head will consider the hearing committee’s recommendation and forward his or her own recommendation to CHHS’ Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Based on the recommendation of the unit head and Associate Dean, if the Dean of CHHS decides that a change of grade is appropriate and the faculty member refuses to make the change, the Dean may direct the registrar to do so.
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